Monday, June 6, 2011

Kenselite Carpet Bowls

No need to lace up your shoes, or indeed leave the house when you have "Kenselite" Carpet Bowls in your cupboard! (Ok, so it's not ten pin bowling, but bowling all the same).
These little beauties were salvaged from a family friend, during a 
cupboard clean out
I have very fond memories of playing carpet bowls with my nana and her friends down at the church hall when I would holiday with her. There was always lots of morning tea going round, laughs and some fierce competition! The winner received a bar of Palmolive or Imperial leather soap. And the ladies always made sure I went home with one, which was lovely and a big deal for a little kid.

I love this picture on the box. Great couch, coffee table and lamp!

The bowls are taking pride of place in my sideboard for the moment. 

Its nice to own some vintage wares that once belonged to my nan's best friend, and remind me of their carpet bowling days.
Plus, I think they are just plain cool.

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