Wednesday, August 31, 2011

70's Skateboarding

I LOVE these photographs.
They were taken in Aspen, Colorado 1977 by Nick DeWolf at a 
skateboarding competition.
Everything grabs me in these shots - from the skating, fashions, gorgeous location in the background, to the crowd shots of onlookers at the event.
Looks like the perfect way to spend a summers afternoon or weekend to me! 

Theses photo also have a great side story to them...

Steve Lundeen (Nick's son in-law) has created a photo archive project on Flickr (here), and is undertaking an amazing task to post his late father in-laws images in their original sets - approx 20-50 images a day. Steve's hope and intent is to eventually digitilize every picture Nick DeWolf ever shot, and post the images on the web for the DeWolf family and public to enjoy.

You can find out more about Nick DeWolf here, and visit Steve's Flickr page featuring Nick's photographs here.

A big thank you to Maggie DeWolf and Steve Lundeen for allowing me to share these fabulous photos and story.
Just another reason why I love Flickr: each photo has a story, but so does the person behind the camera.







  1. I am hard pressed to find even one overweight person in these pictures! Because we were all so active back then. Also, the man in the last picture looks like a young Billy Ray Cyrus.

    1. I totally agree. It seems to be a common theme with the 70's photography I showcase - people were much more active back then. He does look abit like Billy Ray Cyrus!


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