Monday, August 8, 2011

Blue Hawaii 1961

I love this film!
The King, great songs, beautiful girls and gorgeous Hawaii as the backdrop, Blue Hawaii was an instant commercial and financial success.
 It was Elvis' eighth film and also his most successful.
The film featured 14 songs, more than any other Elvis film, and the soundtrack spent a total of 79 weeks on Billboards pop album chart, with 20 of those weeks at #1.

Original Album Cover 
yeah elvis

Elvis stars as Chad Gates, whose family owns a successful pineapple plantation in Hawaii. Chad has just returned from the Army and his family are eager for him to pursue the family business. Instead, Chad wants to carve his own path, and takes a job as a tourist guide at his girlfriend Maile's (Joan Blackman) travel agency. The new job takes him to Hawaii's most beautiful sites and allows him plenty of spare time to cavort on the beach with his Hawaiian beach buddies, much to the dismay of his family.

Location shooting began in March 1961 on the islands of Oahu & Kauai, and was finished by mid April. The cast and crew then returned to Hollywood, and filming was completed by late May 1961.

Here are a few of my favourite numbers from the movie.

Rock a Hula Baby

Beach Boy Blues

Slicin' Sand
'Dance dance dance till your toes get tan, 
We're gonna have us a ball on the beach slicin' sand'
Love it!

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