Thursday, September 22, 2011

The Diamond Dog - Vintage Shop

On the weekend, my friend Jenny locked me in for a trip over to her side of the bay, and met me in sunny Seddon for a peek at 
The Diamond Dog, 105 Charles St. 

I loved it!
Awesome vintage (primarily clothing) shop, run by the lovely Sally.
Racks n racks of beautiful vintage dresses and clothes, and vintage furniture and wares placed around the store.

The vintage dresses were really reasonably priced and are 
sold in their original, beautiful state. 
(Unlike other shops that now shorten skirts and dress hemlines to meet a certain market. I'm all for up-cycling and re-cycling of clothes, but surely this could be done by the buyer if so desired after purchase? Seems criminal to chop and change vintage pieces in such a way! Just sayin'....)

 Sally at her awesome retro bar/counter.

Sally is great and really interesting to talk to, and happy for Jen and I to take our time round the store. She even asked me to hold the fort briefly while she popped next door! Must have an honest face me : )

You can check out The Diamond Dog's Facebook page here 
and their blog over here.

Here's a few more pics of the gorgeous wares at The Diamond Dog.
I hope to get back over that side of town to visit again soon.

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