Thursday, October 20, 2011

Elastics - Skipping Pebbles

Elastics was a big favourite at primary school for my friends and I growing up.
So when I punched 'Elastics' into Google just to see what came up, I was very excited to come across the Skipping Pebbles website!

Jenine and Belinda are the team behind Skipping Pebbles, and are 
passionate about children having the opportunity to experience a little 
piece of our own 'slower childhoods'.

The Skipping Pebbles Story...

Some of the most cherished memories of our childhoods involve doing the simplest things - like skipping pebbles. Out in the sunlight and fresh air, standing beside a sparkling, flat stretch of water, trying over and over to skip the finest flat pebble or stone we could rustle up; the challenge of who could get the most skips. 

The games that stand out the most are those that needed no fancy equipment; yet were enthralling in their challenge and the hours of joy they provided.

Today, childhood is buffeted by a much faster and stimulating world than that of any other generation. As adults, we often forget that children don’t need flashy toys and expensive holidays. What they do need is the time and space to relax, imagine and dream.

In fact, one of the biggest and most universal challenges for families today is to slow down, to keep it simple and just be. We have to actually remember to stop, blow the dandelions, make the daisy chains, catch the tadpoles, build the sandcastles, and above all, take a step back and enjoy our time together.

So at Skipping Pebbles, the feelings and memories of a slower time, of an uncomplicated childhood, and who can forget, of endless summer holidays, is a gift we want to share with our children.

We hope you can share in it too.

Jenine & Belinda x

The Skipping Pebbles Elastics game comes in gorgeous stretch gingham with a choice of two delicious colours. Detailed instructions are provided for two variations of the moves plus added challenges for the serious jumpers.

You can order your elastics at the Skipping Pebbles website here!

Such a cute product, and a great concept. 
I love the philosophy behind Skipping Pebbles, & really like the idea of kids experiencing the same old games and fun that we once had.

Big thank you to the lovely Belinda and Jenine for allowing me to share details about their great product and story here : )


  1. Great blog Donna! Thanks so much for your enthusiasm and support. Let's hope more kids get to enjoy - and adore - Elastics just as we did!! Jenine

  2. Welcome Jenine! All the best to you, Belinda and Skipping Pebbles. xx


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