Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Tea Cup Succulents

Popped into Vinnies today on the way home and spotted these cups & saucers as I was leaving, and only $4 for the lot - SOLD!

I knew instantly what I wanted to do with them - Tea Cup Succulents!
Yes, they are probably old news now, but they make a gorgeous gift, which is exactly what I have planned for these pretties - Christmas/End of Year gifts for my childrens kinder and school teachers.

Normally, you would carefully drill a couple of small holes in the bottom of the teacup, so that the succulent can drain after watering 
(small amount of water once a fortnight). 
But as I love how these cup and saucers come with a side plate as well, I have decided to leave the cup as is. I will leave the option up to the gift recipient as to whether they would like to keep the succulent in the cup, or transfer the succulent to another little pot, and wash and use the cup and plates.

So I'll head to the local market and pick up some little succulents closer to the end of the year. Then all there is to do is make a little card, tie it with string to the cup handle, and pop it in a box! 
I have used a cake box here (which you can find and buy from your local bakery) & lined with wood wool, but paper tissue or similar would do the job nicely too.

Something different as far as little gifts go, and I'm excited about it.
But they'll probably get them home and say "Geez, what's the deal with this?! What happened to a box of good old Dairy Milk or Roses Chocolate?!! Robbed!!"

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