Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Stacey's Retro Wares & Poppet Designs

Stacey's retro wares - sounds like a good name for a little shop doesn't it?
But no, this post is about my friend Stacey, and a few pics of the
fabulous retro wares she owns.

Stacey is also one clever lass, and creates gorgeous baby blankets,
bunting, noticeboards and paper garlands.

 Please head on over to Stacey's new blog, Poppet Designs 
to see some of her lovely work.

I have one of her gorgeous paper christmas garland's on order for 
this years christmas tree - hooray!!

Awesome sideboard from Vinnies. I still remember getting Stacey's call that day - "I'm looking at two sideboards at Vinnies and can't decide which one to get - help!" 
She left the building with both : )

Gorgeous blue glass jug and glasses from the man $10! (envy!!)

Wickedly cool ice bucket.

Stacey plans to fill this old jar with old vintage keys - very cute idea.

This is the other Vinnies sideboard - long and sleek. I love it.

45 records in an original holder.

Stacey has a few of these old soda streams now,
purchased from the man & the Vintage Shed.

Tin kitchen sign & rolling pin from the Vintage Shed, Tyabb

Thanks Stacey for allowing me to share some of your wares & photos here : )


  1. Nice! either or both of you should head back to Vinnie for another sideboard, cause they have another one there(saw it yesterday), teak veneer, wall divider with tapered legs...I didn't buy it, cause my husband will file for divorce, if I's got to go, to a good home!


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