Monday, January 9, 2012

Anglesea Paddle Boats

Happy 2012!

Still rather in holiday mode over here, so it's only fitting that my first post for 2012 is related to my recent holiday.

One of my favourite places in the entire world is the seaside town of Anglesea,
at the beginning of the Great Ocean Road in Victoria.

Driving through the town, you cross a bridge over the Anglesea River.
And as you cross the bridge, to the left, there is a a tourist attraction that has been there for as long as I can remember - Anglesea Paddle Boat and Canoe Hire.

Adrian Booth is the owner of business, and has been delivering fun on the Anglesea river to tourists and locals alike since 1978.

They also cater for canoe hire to school and community groups. 
Please click on the link for further information.

Adrian still owns the 14 or so original wooden paddle boats that were once used on the river, but are now securely stored. Would be so great to see them back out on the river one day!

Here are a few shots of the Anglesea Paddle and Canoe hire, and surrounds of the beautiful Anglesea River.


 Adrian the Canoe Hire man! 
(Love the Jeep and Caravan too!)


  1. What a great part of the world!

  2. Looks like you've had a fab time! Great pics with a retro vibe, how did you managed that? sneaky vintage camera mmmm?

  3. Great pics, love the colours. Makes me want to go there. Love the caravan too! Sherry :)

  4. Thanks all! Anglesea is a gorgeous beach town.
    Ah yes Pippa - the vintage vibe in the pics is the 60's effect on the website Picnik. (I love Picnik!) Just learning how to use it all properly. Bit of a hack with photo effects etc. but I'm getting there! : )


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