Thursday, January 19, 2012

First record you ever bought?

Can you remember the first record you ever bought with your own money?

I remember it being a big deal being able to go out and buy my own music.

I had the old family record player (handed down from my sister) in my room, and the sound was so much better than what my little tape player could manage with cassettes, so records it was.

The first two 45' singles I bought were 
'Got My Mind Set On You' by George Harrison and 
'Chained to the Wheel' by The Black Sorrows. 

Promising start for my musical taste.
Little did I know that NKOTB
were around the corner with 'The Right Stuff' - and I was gone.

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  1. I don't remember buying one myself as we didn't have pocket money so it was CD's by the time I got to buy my own. However Dad bought my brother and I the Ghostbusters album and we would try to break dance in the kitchen. Lol. We loved it!

  2. Ghostbusters album?! Excellent! Love the break dancing mention too. Made me laugh. Kitchen floors were always good for break dancing attempts!! xx


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