Monday, January 30, 2012

Judi Oyama - Skating Photos

I love these fantastic photos of skater Judi Oyama, 
early in her skating career.

Judi began skating in 1973 when she was 13 years old,
and still competes in slalom racing today at 52!

Judi founded Maximum Impact Design in 1987, 
designing graphics for surf, snow and skateboard brands worldwide.

She is also President of Board Rescue, a non for profit corporation 
dedicated to providing skateboard equipment to children: targeting 
low-income children and at risk-youth.

 HUGE thank you to Judi for allowing me to share these brilliant photos here.

I have added Judi's captions with each photo (from Flickr) ,
as each shot has it's own unique story, and they are a great read.


Capitola Classic Slalom Skateboarding Cover Newspaper.
Article about the Capitola Classic event and Judi Oyama's skate career.
Photo: Richard Oyama my dad. First slalom race back in 1975. 
Never thought it would be a cover shot three decades later.

Kauai 1978 - Fun days no pads no helmet. Living dangerously. On Oyama Street. Really. 
Spent 5 weeks in Hawaii at the end of 1978 right after the Skateboardmania tour ended. 
I always had a board. I sent it home thinking I was going to take a break and there won't be any skate spots. Tossed my converse shoes in the trash after a muddy hike and the next day I meet a guy who asks me out of the blue if I skateboard. 
He lent me this board and invited me to session at his ramp. I had to buy some new shoes!

Winchester Skatepark San Jose, January 1979 - After 5 weeks in Hawaii morning session
in the 10 foot pink bowl Steve Caballero on the deck. He is around 14 years old. 
Wore Nikes way back when. Told the reps at Magic back in the day but who listens to a girl.
 Actions sports female graphic designer rare breed.
Photo by Mike Goldman

Lightning Bolt shorts, tube socks, Norcon helmet and soccer knee pads. 
Nice road rash hipper and a bandage for an elbow pad.
First race I was 15 or 16.
Road Rider Wheels.
Photo: Richard Oyama my dad

 Modesto Heat Wave Skatepark - One of NorCal's first skateparks back in the 1970's.
Mike "Smiley" Goldman would drive us 2 1/2 hours to go session. 
100 degree plus weather super fun. Jamie Goldman's dad was the downhill king.

Capitola Classic 1980 downhill skateboard race.
Downhill womens race super fast and fun. Photo by Richard Oyama.

Mogel Bowl at the Soquel, CA Skate park 1976 - Judi Oyama riding oldschool with vinyl capped knee pads, Rector gloves and Astrotunes. Tape deck strapped on the chest in front. 
The first iPod music concept? Super Tramp or something playing. Photo by Gary Medeiros

Winchester Skatepark washboard San Jose 1976 - All time favorite skateparks. 
Broke my ankle and dislocated my foot doing a frontside air on the washboard. 
Was a great place to learn tricks. 8 foot fast and smooth. 
Tried to pull an air and waited too long to bail. Lesson learned.
Photo my dad: J-Gordon padded shorts Park Rider Wheels and a 29" 5Ply, 
Premier helmet and oh yea Nikes before they realized they could be skate shoes.


  1. Are we skateboarding now instead of thriftiness cause the latter will save us money and keep us trim! :) great post xx

  2. Thanks Pippa! Ha - yes indeed. Perhaps we could thrift during the week and skate on weekends? : )

  3. See you at the frankston skate bowl!

  4. love the Ramp .. had one similar , half the ride was getting over the cracks.. then came the mandatory vertical "extensions" haha ended up 17ft tall!!!

  5. Hello Anonymous! Gold - did you grab any pics of your ramp? Judi's photos are indeed awesome. Thanks for dropping by.


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