Sunday, January 15, 2012

NZ Retro Beach House

Perfectly Retro Beach House situated just up the coast
from Auckland, New Zealand.

 All photos by Darren Wood darren131

Looking out to the beach from the kitchen...amazing!


  1. This place is unreal. Loving the wall colour too, I am contemplating painting some of our place with that blue/turquoise.

  2. Do it, M.B captured!
    Oh Donna, what a home, I'm going weak at the knees:)

  3. I love the paint colour too M.B Captured! Go for it I say.
    Yes, the house is incredible. Would love to stay a night or 10. xx

  4. Wow, stunning. Love the arm chairs, gorgeous colour.

  5. I can see I've got alot of great catching up to do on your blog Donna. What an amazing place. The carpet, the Tretchicoffs, that etched front door etc ETC!

  6. Thanks Kylie! It's such a gorgeous house, full of character. I love it too.x


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