Monday, February 6, 2012

Brooklyn 1970's - Photos by Anthony Catalano

I LOVE these fantastic photos by Anthony Catalano
from his set titled 'Brooklyn 1970's' on Flickr.

Anthony, his friends and cousins, hanging out on their stoops and porches,
  shooting the breeze, playing ball games and generally having a blast.

Great photographs with a great vibe.

Many thanks to Anthony for allowing me to share these photos here.


Check out those cars!

Block Party in the street!

Airband! Love it.

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  1. Anthony's photos are the very best and I know they will have much historic value long after we are all gone showing every day simple life of kids, family, block parties etc back in the 70's Brooklyn. BRAVO!
    From: Anthony's F.D.R. H.S. Friend and former Careers in the Graphic Arts - Mr. Gruber's class (room 145).
    Paul Bochko


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