Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Retro Lake House

I could barely breath when I first saw this awesome Retro Lake House!

Not only because of the house itself, but also the amazing retro furniture,
beautiful gardens and the stunning location.

The lake house was built in 1957 and is located in Guatemala, 
Central America in the town of Solola Atitlan. 

The picturesque lake is Lake Atitlan. 
It is surrounded by four volcanoes & 20 small towns of the Mayan culture.

The amazing retro furniture belonged to the owners aunt 
from the era the house was built in.

You can head over to Thania's Flickr account here 
for more retro goodness (including tonnes of lovely Retro Pyrex!).

Many thanks to Thania for the above information & for allowing me to share these photos of her amazing Retro Lake House at beautiful Lake Atitlan.



  1. Holiday destination! I love the atomic legged planter! :)

  2. To say I love it would be an understatement!

  3. Thanks for the comments all! Gorgeous house, view, lake....the lot!


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