Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Vintage Japanese ads

Eau Sauvage de Christian Dior, 1979

Japan Grand Prix, 1971

Kanebo Pure Wool, 1960

Elizabeth Cosmetics Japan, 1956

Girl Girl American Style Inc. 1974

TDK Cassette Tapes, 1972

Canton Jeans, 1971

Olympus Thread, 1972

All images via v.valenti on Flickr.
Many thanks to Vinnie for allowing me to share these great ads here.


  1. How cool! I never knew much about Japanese art till one of my former students got me interested in anime. It seems that big-eyed look is even present in some of these ads.

  2. Still found some chest hair, didn't you!
    I remember fighting over the TDK, when wanting to make up a mixed tape!
    Great posters! x

  3. I want to hang that Christian Dior poster our bathroom. Tre cool.
    (he'd give Johnnie Bravo a run for his money!)

  4. Cool pictures. Peace sign is my fav.


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