Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Marianne's home of Esme and the Laneway

I was so excited to come across Marianne's vintage home on Apartment Therapy,
and even more excited when Marianne agreed to let me share some of these
beautiful photos of her home on the blog.

Marianne is a Vintage Style blogger based in Melbourne.
Her beautiful blog Esme and the Laneway covers everything from Vintage Dresses
& Fashion, Vintage Hair and Make up, to everyday goings on in Marianne's life.

Hope you enjoy having a peek into Marianne's home and her lovely vintage wares, 
and get a chance to pop over to her beautiful blog Esme and the Laneway.

Full Apartment Therapy story, interview with Marianne and tonnes more photos over here.

Big thanks to Marianne for allowing me to share these photographs of her beautiful home!

The beautiful Marianne!


  1. Marianne's house is gorgeous. My fave pic is of the kitchen table and lovely turquoise chairs. Oh to have a room full of pretty vintage frocks!

    1. Hi Kylie! Wouldn't it be great?! I agree that the kitchen shot is great - fabulous table and chairs setting.

  2. Really pretty. I love the photography in this piece (as well as the decor). That far away shot towards the clothes washer caught my eye. So nicely done.

    1. Hi Rebecca! I agree that the photography is very well done. I love all the soft colours in the pics too. And the far away shot is great - it gives a sense of space and how the layout comes together.

  3. Isn't she just adorable, no matter what colour hair she chooses. Very cute apartment too, love the kitchen, has an almost green tint in some photos.

    1. Hi Simmone! Marianne is gorgeous. I particularly love the kitchen shot of the red and yellow tea cup with the flask in the background. : )


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