Saturday, April 27, 2013

Retro & Vintage Inspired Corner of my Home

After the fun Kylie of Lucy Violet Vintage and I had with the Retro Food Blog Link In -
we thought it was time to team up again for some link in fun!

We would love you to share a photograph of your favourite 
Retro & Vintage Inspired Corner of your home.
A spot that perhaps houses your favourite pieces of furniture, 
thrifted wares, or just a corner of your home that you love.

I love nothing better than gaining decorating inspiration from magazines and blogs - seeing how people put rooms together and successfully mix retro pieces into their home. 
And with Kylie ploughing through her Interior Design course and sharing some of her styling shots along the way, we thought we might put the call out to see if our other blogging, thrifting, retro, vintage & industrial loving friends might be willing to share a corner of their home too!

This is part of my favourite corner of my home in the pic above (I needed the white wall to lay the text on for the poster). It has my record player and albums, orange Braemore jug, cane magazine rack (all thrifted from 'the man'), and of course Pippa's Ouchflower tassels to add some za za zoo.
I'll post an expanded photograph to show more of my favourite corner of my home on the day. (My photography skills are clearly limited...but we'll give it a red hot whirl!)

No blog? No worries!
Please email through your photograph to either Kylie or
myself before the link in, and we will post your photographs in our blog posts
on 'link in' day (we'll list your first name only, and State or Country with the pic).

We hope you'll join in the fun 12pm Midday, Sat 11th May 2013.

- Donna : )


  1. Count me in! The cook-off was so much fun that I wouldn't miss this for the world!

  2. "Ploughing through" might be a bit of an exageration Donna, ha-ha!


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