Friday, May 10, 2013

Freaky Friday - The Boys are back in town

Retro Album cover fun from Big John and friends...

Indeed you are Big John, indeed you are.

 Chico's working that midriff overtime.

 Simply 'Kent'. 
You know, like Elvis, or Prince...

Good times 'Red Shoe Trucken' with the Bear Brothers.

Get excited. 
It's Devastatin' Dave - the Turntable Slave.

Mandals are mandatory footwear on Thunder Island.

Happy Friday!

All images via  Rate Your Music


  1. Replies
    1. Lol - thanks Jane! I do love a dude on an album cover. : )

  2. Mandals...I'm dying laughing here!!!

    "By his mother" is what I thought when I saw Big John, and Chico is working entirely too hard on his Prince image. Kent may sing his song "in the key of God," but he's much more focused on making sure we see that he had a belt buckle made to match his album cover. The mysterious inclusion of the word "Bondiago," apropos of nothing (not to mention that big ball of hair on top of the head of the guy on the left) adequately defines the Bear Brothers. The Turntable Slave...nuff said about Dave.

    Another outstanding group of freaks and weirdos!

    1. Totally agree Dana - Big John is love by his mum and family - bless him. Chico Chico Chico - taking the smoulder to a flame. Could not stop laughing when I read your comment about Kent's belt buckle. I hadn't noticed the belt! He does look awfully happy with himself and his fine belt buckle. Yes, the Bear Brothers word 'Bondiago' has an awkward silence attached to it. I can hear the crickets now... And Dave - Zip Zap Rapping his way to the top. Love to read your comments as always Dana. Glad you like this motley crew of gentlemen. : )

  3. I have many questions. On Red Shoe Trucken, do the heads really go with the bodies? I think not. Zip Zap Rap. What is not to like? Chico is honestly a Prince knock off but was he before or after, the singer formerly known as? And, last, but certainly not least, is Jay's chest so gorgeous that he should leave his shirt unbuttoned for an album cover shoot? I'll leave you to ponder that.

    1. LOL - do the heads go with the bodies - ahhh you make me laugh Rebecca. Poor Chico - the Purple Rain Prince Wannabe. Jay - Thunder Islands finest. So much to like really - the mo, the mandals and the light breeze gently toying with his unbuttoned shirt.

  4. Feelin hot tonight! ...someones in with a promise! ;)


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