Wednesday, August 7, 2013

1970's Van Love

I am currently coveting a 1970's van. 
It could be the Hung Up On Retro mobile store!
I could pull up at markets in the spring and summer, throw open
the side or back doors and start selling retro wares to the good people of Melbourne!
And when I'm not selling cool retro wares at markets, I could just cruise the streets - 70's style.


  1. More classic stuff Donna...cruising the street 70's style sounds so good. How about that couple playing chess on the you think that sexy bloke with the big hair really had chess on his mind!? Will you share a photo of your van one day?

    I have a little caravan that I would like to convert into a bread making and selling van. But I am also rather attached to the original burnt orange 70's interior. :)

    1. Howdy Jane, How cool that you own a little caravan!
      Sounds like an awesome idea to covert it and bread making and selling van. That would be fantastic!!! The burnt orange interior sounds right up my alley. : )

  2. A friend of mine surprised her husband with one a few years ago. It came complete with original orange shag carpet. Good times!

    1. Love it Dana!! Original orange shag carpet??!! Gold!!
      Very, very cool. Not jealous all....

  3. Swing by mine in your panel. man! We'll cruise! ;)


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