Tuesday, October 1, 2013

1970's College Years - Photography by Ed Uthman

I love these cool photographs by Ed Uthman, taken during his college years
in the early 1970's at Rhodes College, Memphis, Tennessee.

It was hard to select only a few from Ed's great photographs in this set
on Flickr (link on Ed's name above). Hope you enjoy the shots I've gone with.

Many thanks to Ed for allowing me to share his work here today. : )

Yes Music in the Amphitheater, 1970
 "This was one of the first photos I shot on campus, and it remains my favorite. I have a poster print of it hanging on the wall at home. In 2010, this photo was used in the onstage video that accompanied the performance of the song "Jazz Man" by Carole King in her "Troubadour Reunion" tour with James Taylor. Even though the photo was in the Creative Commons, the production team courteously asked me for permission to use it, which of course I enthusiastically agreed to."
- Ed Uthman

Between Classes

Rhodes 1970s F4.jpg

Playing Frisbee

Rhodes 1970s D17.jpg





Lynx Lair (1)

Band in Lynx Lair

Ed Uthman ('74)
Photographer Ed Uthman in his dorm room 1974.

Rhodes 1970s C26.jpg

Coach Don Lear

Rhodes 1970s C38.jpg

Rhodes 1970s D08.jpg


  1. Wow, this brought back memories. I finished college in 1970, so Uthman's photos were taken only a short time after I graduated.

    1. Hi Dana! How cool that you were at college around the same era. : )

  2. Oh my gosh, they're SOOO cool , love them! Those glorious 70s clothes, the hairy, guitarplaying wonderful people! the first one is absolutely brilliant, but I adore all of them! Thanks for brightening my day with these!

    1. Hi Tove! Thanks so much for your kind comment. Ed Uthman certainly took some wonderful photographs of a fantastic era. : )

  3. Cool stuff as always Donna, love those cheerleaders!

    1. Hi Jane! I love that shot too - and the one previous with the coach speaking to a few of the football players. Love the sideburns on one of them. : )


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