Thursday, December 19, 2013

Guest Post - My Sister and James Spader

I'm was excited to see an email in my Inbox with the title 'Guest Spot' 
from my beautiful, older and wiser sister Jenny.
She has been having a 'moment' with James Spader for the last few months, and has put it 
into words for me to share with you. Hopefully, by penning this post, she'll be able to 
move on from James, and I won't have to hear about it every phone call.

It's been ages since I had a guest post, so without further ado, I'll pass it over to Jen!


Ever since James Spader returned to our small screens this year in The Blacklist, I have been having myself a little retro romance. The romance is completely one sided and involves me re-watching his movies from the 80’s and 90’s and falling in love with him all over again. Who can forget his nasty portrayal of Steff in Pretty in Pink?  I also loved his subdued, disturbed portrait of Graham in Sex, Lies and Videotape. However my favourite would have to be White Palace. White Palace is a romantic drama released in 1990 starring James Spader and Susan Sarandon. The film also stars Kathy Bates and Jason Alexander in supporting roles. The plot revolves around a 27 year old widower who begins an affair with a 40 something waitress. The script was written by Glenn Savan and he also wrote the book.  If you are after a romantic read, or a nostalgic night in, I would definitely recommend this book or film to rekindle your own retro romance

- Jenny


  1. My daughter and I were just talking about James Spader the other day. We both thought he was gorgeous as a young man, but we think he's a little on the weird and creepy side these days. I liked White Palace. In fact, I think I'll watch it again soon.

    1. Hi Dana! He was so good at playing the bad guy in Pretty in Pink and Mannequin. Jen will be thrilled that you'll be visiting White Palace again soon!! x

  2. Thank you for this reminder of my teenage movies. Pretty in pink- and the Sex, Lies and Videotapes are great films.

    1. Hi Ria! Yes, Pretty in Pink is a great film - I particularly like the end scene when she turns up at the dance and that song 'If You Leave' is playing. I love Sixteen Candles and The Breakfast Club of Molly Ringwalds films too. x

  3. Less Than Zero does it for me. Love him in that. But yes Donna, great soundtrack to Pretty in Pink! I think I played "If you leave" about 50 times at my 40th!


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