Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Growing Pains Theme Song, Daughtry & Neon Trees

'Show me that smile again, Oooohhh show me that smile...'
Ahhh, this takes me back! What a great TV theme song this was.

Growing Pains ran from 1985-1992, and the shows theme song 
'As long as we've got eachother' featured in the intro of each season, 
though in several different versions.
This version by B.J. Thomas & Jennifer Warnes is my favourite...

And it seems I'm not the only one who fondly remembers this tune.
Whilst pottering round on YouTube (as you do), I found two other 
versions of the theme song.

The first is by Dane Cook (Comedian & actor) and Chris Daughtry 
(lead singer & guitarist of rock band Daughtry) hamming it up...

And the second is by rock band Neon Trees, discussing what they loved about the 80's, and belting out abit of the Growing Pains theme for iheartradio.
Love it!

I love me abit of 80's reminiscing.
They just don't make theme songs like they used to.

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