Monday, October 3, 2011

Retro Apartment

Chris of Thrift Store Addict on Flickr, has an apartment filled with fabulous retro finds. I envy the lamps, the cushions, the clocks, the pottery, wall prints - the lot! 
All the furnishings were purchased for $10 and under (with the exception of modern electricals etc) and were found at rummage sales, thrift stores/op shops 
and junk piles. Amazing!
Many thanks to Chris for letting me share some shots of his apartment
and great finds here.

Amazing wall hanging - $1.00!!

Genie telephone $1.99. Arrrrhhhh! Awesome.

Jug 75c & salt & pepper shakers 20c each!!!
Cheap and cheerful op shopping finds have just been taken to a new level.

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