Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Coca Cola - Coke Ads

I love Coke.

I don't drink a gallon a day or anything, maybe only a can or so a week -
certainly not enough to rot my innards or teeth (well, maybe my teeth...)

But there is no denying, that sometimes a can of coke 
simply just hits the spot - Coke is it.

I also loved the Coke ad's from many moons ago,
with their catchy tunes and phrases.

Here are a few of my favourites...
(Australian ad's bar the last one)

'Coke is it!' 1983
Giant Coke can at the beach.

Diet Coke ad 1989
featuring a smokin' hot Kate Cebrano
dancing & jingle sung by Wendy Matthews...
(never been a Diet Coke fan, but I used to love this ad)

'You can't beat the feeling!' early 90's
Hot guy gets tired of the stuffy restaurant & heads 
into the kitchen where the real fun...& the Coke is. 
(Q. Why is Ted Bullpit there?)

'Always Coca Cola' from the early 90's...


  1. The girl dancing in the ad with the white tee and braces...I wanted to be, bit quirky!

  2. Yes - she sure had the moves! Decent high kick too!x


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