Wednesday, April 4, 2012

1950's Inspired Retro Home

The owner of this wickedly cool home is wild about the 1950's,
 & has filled the house with fantastic retro & vintage furniture and pieces.
I LOVE the jukebox's, and the carpet in the dining room - amazing!

All pics courtesy of Off of Main - a soon to be aired TV show.
'Rediscovering the back roads and towns of America, that still reflect
& exhibit a time in history when life moved slower and times were simpler.'

Head on over to for more information, or 
check out other great shots from Off of Main's Flickr page.

Big thanks to Jen from Off of Main
for allowing me to share these photos here.


  1. I love the print on the curtains and that built in wall shelving! Why don't we get that in homes anymore?

  2. It's those awesome lamps and light fittings I'm loving the most. And the minty green of that juke box. Oh, and as Pippa said, those curtains.

  3. Hi Pippa and Kylie! Yes, great home. I too love the lamps and built in shelving. Very cool. x


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