Thursday, April 5, 2012

New Retro Wares

A couple of my most recent purchases...

 Two retro outdoor chairs from The Man
I was really excited to find these two chairs. I love the colours 
on the strapping.

And this retro beach umbrella, in top notch condition from eBay.
Yellow, orange and brown florals - sold! 

I have been VERY quiet on the thrifting front of late, 
so I need to lift my game and start seeking treasures again.
I feel a day of thrifting down on the sunny Mornington Peninsula is on the cards!


  1. All that setting needs is some sav blanc and a pair of smug thrifters to bask in your find glory! I love the umbrella, slightly jealous too!

  2. ooh count me in! I haven't gone to the man recently coz every time I do I spend way too much money! Sav Blanc sounds good Pippa. need another chair Donna for all three of us!

  3. Sounds like a plan. Another chair no problem - plenty of room for all under my umbrella ella ella eh eh eh....

  4. Those chairs remind me of my Nan and Pop. And drinking lemonade out of adonised cups they always kept in the fridge. Love them!

  5. Just popped back to refresh my memory on the chairs, they are Lee-icious delicious !


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