Thursday, April 12, 2012

Split Point Lighthouse & Stables

Split Point Lighthouse, Aireys Inlet, Victoria is a beautiful spot
& one of our favourite places to visit when we holiday in nearby Anglesea.

Many of the exterior scenes for the award winning children's TV Series
'Round the Twist' were filmed here.

Willows Tea House now resides in the old Lighthouse Stables, and is a great place to settle in with a coffee after exploring the walking tracks around the Lighthouse and down to the beach.
Willows has super friendly staff, a small gift shop and they serve THE best toasted banana bread EVER.

Incidentally, I was once left behind at the Split Point Lighthouse 
'Home Alone' style when I was 4 years old. 

My family and another family (4 adults, 7 children) had all piled into the Kombi for an afternoon outing to the Lighthouse.

Upon leaving, the parents did a quick 'headcheck headcount' of all the kids in the back of the Kombi, thought the numbers looked about right and took off.
I had been lagging behind and caught up just in time to see the Kombi taking off and turning the corner heading back to Anglesea!

Someone soon figured out they were a child short, 
and they came back for me about two mins later.

Two minutes long enough for me to be COMPLETELY hysterical 
having the meltdown of the century. 

I still like to bring it up to my folks every now and then, just for kicks.


  1. Great photos Donna. Great story too! Beautiful place.

  2. Love the bunting! I didn't even see it when I was there with you having that banana bread.

  3. Lovely photos Donna. My kids and I loved Around the Twist.
    Poor little four year old you. Glad you still milk it with your parents every now and then.


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