Thursday, March 28, 2013

Bubble Gum

Image - Native Thoughts

Hubba Bubba or Bubble Yum brand?

For me it had to be Hubba Bubba - Grape flavour.
Hubba Bubba Grape was softer to chew, kept it's flavour & blew the best bubbles.

 1980's Hubba Bubba - Grape Bubble Gum wrapper - Wrigley's Australia
Image courtesy of Jason Liebeg

So as a bonus to this post, I went to YouTube searching for a few clips of awesome Bubble Gum Bubbles in retro films, and found two channels completely dedicated to Bubble Gum with 5-10 sec clips from various films.
I love the Internet.

So I picked a few of my favourites...

Ferris Bueller's Day Off - Boring Economics Class scene

Grease - Beauty School Drop Out scene
(this may be the best bubble ever!)

Grease 2 - Stephanie Zinone
(I have a real thing for Grease 2. I have loved it since I was little and enjoy it
more than the first movie. Bold statement I know, but there - I've said it.)
Michelle Pfeiffer had a cool way of sucking her bubbles back in before they popped.
Hard to do - try it next time you whip out the bubblegum.

So what was/is your favourite flavour? 
Grape, Strawberry, Cola, Original?
Are you any good at blowing bubbles?


  1. I grew up a Dubble Bubble girl and could blow pretty fantastic bubbles back in the day.

    1. Hi Dana! Dubble Bubble! Sounds like you could get pretty big sized bubbles from that brand!

  2. Grape all the way! Love the way it makes your mouth water even before you start chewing!

    1. Pollos! Grape indeed! Super easy peel off the face too post Bubble.
      : )

  3. Grape!....there is no other! :)

  4. Grape was my favourite too and I am awesome at blowing bubbles, ha.

    1. Yey Simmone! Another check 'Yes' for Grape : )


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