Friday, March 29, 2013

Freaky Friday - Awkward Easter Fun Part 2

It's a Freaky Easter Bunny Bonanza!

Bunny just needs a minute...

Now it's time to toast a hot cross bun and share some chocolate with family & friends!!

Wishing you a Happy Friday & Happy Easter Break!


  1. Those bunnies just kept getting creepier and creepier.
    (b&w bunny #2 looks like an alien)

    Happy Easter Donna x

  2. Poor Bunny at the end.

    He's thinking ... 'I am not a monster!'

  3. Happy Easter.........after reading this post, mummy said I'm not allowed to play with bunnies any more :(

  4. Those are some of the most sinister looking bunnies I've ever seen. I'm sure those children were scarred for life.


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