Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Goonies Adventure by Jim Ed Hardaway

I have been following Jim Ed Hardaway on Instagram for several months now.  
Through his Instagram feed, I saw that Jim was planning a trip to Astoria, Oregon in August 2013
to visit movie locations from the film The Goonies.

Jim lists The Goonies as one of his all time favourite films (along with the original STAR WARS troligy - he clearly has great taste in movies), and it's been on his Bucket List to head to Astoria, Oregon and visit the film locations from The Goonies.

Jim made a great short video of his trip, and shows you the locations as he visits them, 
along with shots of the relevant scenes from the film as a comparison.
 You can also read about Jim's trip to Astoria on his great site HERE.

Such a cool thing to be able to lay eyes on actual places and spaces from a film you grew up with.
 If you're a Goonie fan like me, I'm sure you'll enjoy.

Many thanks to Jim for allowing me to share his Goonies trip here. : )

And here's the Truffle Shuffle - just because.


  1. What a fun video! I'm too old to have been a Goonies fan myself, but my daughter must have watched it a million times. :)

    1. Hi Dana! So glad you liked the video. Not often you get the chance to visit the movie locations from one of your all time favourites! x

  2. I adored The Goonies, more than my boys did I think. I too wanted to pack up and move to Astoria can't wait to go have a look xx.

    1. Hi and thanks Justjen! It still looks exactly like it does in the movie - rain and all! x

  3. Replies
    1. Hi Rebecca! Yep, I reckon it's pretty cool. x

  4. So rad that you highlighted "My Goonies Adventure" Donna... Really appreciate it. Hopefully other Goonies will see and enjoy. I love browsing around on your blog, reading and reminiscing about all things retro. A really cool site that I will most certainly share with others.

    1. Thanks Jim! Look forward to seeing and reading more from you on your blog and Instagram. : )


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