Monday, July 7, 2014

Coco Palms Resort Hawaii

Coco Palms Resort on the Hawaiian Island of Kauai, is famous for being the beautiful backdrop and shooting location for part of the 1961 Elvis Film Blue Hawaii.
 Elvis Presley stayed at the resort (Bungalow 56 if Internet info is correct!) while filming took place.

The resort boomed as a tourist destination after the films release and became one of the number one venues in Hawaii for weddings and honeymoons.

In 1992, a Hurricane Iniki ripped through the island and the damage to the resort was catastrophic. 
Many insurance companies in Hawaii went bankrupt, and with no finances to rebuild and restore the resort, the Coco Palms went to ruins and has remained that way for over 20 years.

The property was reportedly acquired by Investors in 2013, who have plans 
to redevelop, restore and reconstruct the resort to it's former glory for reopening in 2017.
"Our endeavour is to revitalize the grounds and rebuild, while preserving the soul of the iconic resort". - Tyler Greene Manager of Coco Palms Hui.(source)

But while finalising my post to publish this evening, I found an online report and TV news broadcast of a fire that occurred at the Coco Palms Resort this weekend just gone 5th July 2014. 
According to the report, many of the remaining original buildings and rooms have been
 destroyed in the fire. Very sad indeed.

Coco Palms Fire News Report July 2014

- Donna x

All images via messynessychic.
There are many images of the Coco Palms resort online, but whilst searching, I discovered
Messy Nessy Chic's post about the Coco Palms in her 'Abandoned Hotel' series. The pics on messynessychic were great in that they had a real sense of 'then' and 'now' about them.
I picked a few of my favourites to share here, but if you would like to see many more great photographs (with original image source info) and read more about the resort, please head on over to the awesome messynessychic here. : )


  1. Aloha Donna,
    OMG that conch shell sink! That awesome tiled mural! That timber ceiling and those chandeliers!
    (Messy nessy Chic is a fave of mine too)
    Now I'm thinking of that episode of the Brady Bunch where Bobby finds the 'evil' tiki idol. More retro gold!!!

    1. Aloha Kylie! Ah the Brady Bunch Hawaii episodes! A double episode special if I remember correctly. Love it. Yes, that sink!! I imagine it would have been a fantastic place to stay in it's hey dey. Messy Nessy Chic has some photographs of the dinner and drinks menu's from the 60's as well. I would've have loved to have pulled up the bar and had a Mai Tai back in the day!! xx

  2. Great post! Cant believe the fire this weekend, what a real shame. Not an Elvis fan at all but gees what a handsome man he was during this era. Just belongs in these gorgeous photos. Thanks for the interesting read. Cant wait to go to Hawaii one day!

    1. Hello Pollos!! I believe I will have to lend you Blue Hawaii now so you can see the Coco Palms in all it's glory. It's the only Elvis movie I have really enjoyed and it has a fantastic soundtrack. Perhaps by the time we get to Hawaii in a few years, the Coco Palms will be back to it's best and we will be able to stay there. While we sip cocktails poolside from the Tiki Bar, we can discuss how we can still be friends after 25 years when you are not an Elvis fan. : ) xx

  3. Oh, what an amazing post, Donna!! And a great way to get in the tiki mood for Maui a week from now! We went there on our honeymoon 20 years ago this august, and thought we'd go back this year with two teenage boys:-) it's a killer of a journey from here, though, not looking forward to that...
    So sorry I've been so absent these past six months, I simply haven't had time for anything, life and work have been crazy busy. But, I've really missed you all!! I'll try to come back- eventually... All the best xx

    1. Hi and thanks Tove! Great to hear from you. I have been absent around the blogging world earlier this year too. Things from the real world take over don't they?
      A Maui holiday coming up for you and your family?! How fantastic. Will your teenage boys take some surf lessons while you're there? I am pea green with envy. I've only ever been to Oahu on previous visits to Hawaii but would love to visit some of the other islands on a visit one day. Would love to hear about your holiday upon your return. Congrats on your anniversary too - 20 years is fantastic! xx

    2. Thank you so much, Donna, 20 years have gone by so quickly! Maui is wonderful, very scenic and green, I really hope it still is after all those years! Yes, I'm pretty sure there will be surfing involved, the boys have surfed where I come from on the North Sea coast, and love it:-)
      All the best to you and yours xx

  4. Such a shame! I remember when Blue Hawaii came out, and my grandfather bought me the album.

    1. Hi Dana! It is a real shame. Apparently it was the only resort to never be rebuilt and reconstructed on the island after the Hurricane all those years ago. Must just have been too expensive for people to take on. Fingers crossed it one day gets the refurbishment it deserves - even after the fire. How great that your grandfather bought you the Blue Hawaii album! I have that LP here. Great soundtrack. xx

  5. I was going to say. 'Lets Go'? But alas we'll enjoy your picks instead!
    Handsome bugger back in the day! x

    1. Hi Pippa, indeed he was. As was Priscilla. Impossibly beautiful. xx

  6. Awesome picture. How you have taken these. Hawaiian hotels


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