Friday, August 30, 2013

Freaky Friday - Animal Kingdom

My sister requested an animal themed Freaky Friday this week, 
and when the people speak, I must answer.

 Giddy up.

Because one photo of a man and his chicken isn't enough...


This is my ultimate nightmare! I'm petrified of angry, scary dogs!

The Sloth.

Do you have any requests for Freaky Friday? 
Jumpsuits, Speedos....?
Drop me a line and I'll see what the internets and I can dig up.

Happy Friday!!

Images from the brilliant Awkward Pet Photos

Thursday, August 29, 2013

Hey! Homewrecker's Retro Home

 Linda of Hey! Homewrecker is a Belfast based blogger, crafter and vintage lover. 
A while back, Linda took part in a Link In where we shared a retro and vintage corner of our home.

I have found myself going time and time again back to view Linda's photographs from the link in, and have scoured her blog for more pics of her cool, vintage inspired home.

I love Linda's vintage print wall in the lounge room, the ultra cool movie poster wall,
and the orange colours in the kitchen which is currently undergoing a makeover.

You can check out more from Linda over at her blog Hey! Homewrecker HERE, Facebook HERE
and visit her Etsy store full of gorgeous handmade cushions made from vintage fabrics and retro trinkets and wares HERE!

Many thanks to Linda for allowing me to share her photograph of her home.
Kitchen shots were taken by Kat Mervyn Photography.

Now you can drool along with me!

 Another angle of the print wall - love it.

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Goonies Adventure by Jim Ed Hardaway

I have been following Jim Ed Hardaway on Instagram for several months now.  
Through his Instagram feed, I saw that Jim was planning a trip to Astoria, Oregon in August 2013
to visit movie locations from the film The Goonies.

Jim lists The Goonies as one of his all time favourite films (along with the original STAR WARS troligy - he clearly has great taste in movies), and it's been on his Bucket List to head to Astoria, Oregon and visit the film locations from The Goonies.

Jim made a great short video of his trip, and shows you the locations as he visits them, 
along with shots of the relevant scenes from the film as a comparison.
 You can also read about Jim's trip to Astoria on his great site HERE.

Such a cool thing to be able to lay eyes on actual places and spaces from a film you grew up with.
 If you're a Goonie fan like me, I'm sure you'll enjoy.

Many thanks to Jim for allowing me to share his Goonies trip here. : )

And here's the Truffle Shuffle - just because.

Friday, August 23, 2013

Freaky Friday - Accordion Magic

 Dick, working his brand of magic on the ladies.

 Sweet accordion music, while you buy a car 'Ukrainian Style'...

 Quim's a step ahead of Dick - he's already got his gear off!

 "... I know what you are thinking, you are thinking what magnificent cuffs! 
I know you want to touch my cuffs, to caress them! 
But first, I must play you a magical song on my Cordovox!"

 (Props to James of X Ray Delta One for this photo and caption on Valentino from Flickr. 
It was so perfect and hilarious, it deserved to be shared and credited.)

Happy Friday!

Images via X Ray Delta One and Quim is via Rate Your Music

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Vintage Magazine Covers

I know nothing about fashion (nothing!!), but I do know that I've taken a fancy to a 
few Vintage Magazine covers from the 60's and 70's that I've recently come across 
on Pinterest and Instagram.

Had to include Liza's cover as I've recently re-watched Cabaret and she was just brilliant in it.


source - ebay doloros7016

Friday, August 16, 2013

Freaky Friday - Gary & Vincent

Strike a pose.

Gary's gettin' directly on down to business.

Sometimes less is not more.
(Thank god for flesh coloured undies.)

Happy Friday!

Image via buzzfeed

Friday, August 9, 2013

Freaky Friday - Kitty and the Dudes

Retro Album Covers - for kicks and giggles.

For all the cat ladies in the house tonight.

Vitamin D fellas - get some.
(Dibs on the dude with the Mo.)

BAM!! - One shoulder lycra jumpsuit.

There isn't a soft lens in the world that could save this one.

Happy Friday!

Images from the always awesome -  Rate your Music

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

1970's Van Love

I am currently coveting a 1970's van. 
It could be the Hung Up On Retro mobile store!
I could pull up at markets in the spring and summer, throw open
the side or back doors and start selling retro wares to the good people of Melbourne!
And when I'm not selling cool retro wares at markets, I could just cruise the streets - 70's style.

Monday, August 5, 2013

My Family Circa 1979/80

If you have popped into my blog in the past, you will know that I love to share photographs from the 1970's. Well, this time round, instead of sharing someone else's photographs and memories, I thought I would reach into the vault and share a few of my own.

My mum and dad used to own a huge caravan on a block of land in the beach side town of Anglesea, along the Great Ocean Road in VIC.

I have great memories of Summer holidays and Easters spent down at the Caravan in Anglesea when I was little. And perhaps the fond memories of these holidays spent with my family, are where alot of my love for the 70's & 80's comes from.

 The caravan was great fun - except for the odd hairy Huntsman spider dropping in from the huge Gum Trees above it, and the 'Deb' powdered mash potato that mum used to dish up at dinner time. Foul.
 There was an outhouse up the back of the block in a tin shed, but as I was the littlest (and maybe because I carried on about going up there on my own because I was afraid of creepy crawlies), I was allowed to use the toilet in the caravan. Just one of the many upsides to being the youngest.

The caravan in Anglesea is now long gone, replaced by a holiday house which we all still love to visit with our own families and children, on long weekends and school holidays.
Every now and then, my brothers, sister and I time it so we are all down there together with our families (usually minus mum and dad - they'd rather steer clear of the beach house when we all converge there!).

It sure gets tight for room when we are all there at once, but I wouldn't trade it for anything.
There is always plenty of ribbing going on, movie marathons, table tennis tournaments, laughs and good times with some of the best people I know.

 Mum and us.

 The caravan! She was huge!!

View of the Kombi, Caravan and Annex from the front of the block.

David in the Annex. It was well set up with for the boys with LEGO,
trucks and cars they would bring down. Foam boogie boards in the back ground.

 Dad and us. (Me with the attention span of a flea.)

 Jenny fishing.

 Scott at the breakfast table.
Bunk beds were on the right hand side in that end room.
(Scott fell out of that top bunk bed whilst sleeping many a time - classic.)

Me, wearing dads thongs on the swing. Bull ants were always lurking!

Dad with me clinging onto his hair and Jenny in front.

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