Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Reminder - Retro Cook Off this Saturday!

Pop in anytime from Midday Sat 3rd Nov 2012 (Melbourne, Australia time) to add your link, 
or perhaps just swing past & check out the retro goodies on offer.

Either way - come hungry!

Kylie and I are very excited to see what everyone has prepared.

 Here are few pics just to throw some last minute inspiration into the air...

Prawn & Seafood Jelly Surprise

Some kind of Tomato Soup al la Mousse...

 Anchovy & Egg Mousse.
(I can't bear to think about what that 'meat' is on top)

Until Saturday - Happy Cooking!

Images 1 & 3 glen h and Image 2 bluwmongoose

Monday, October 29, 2012

MG 1970's Posters & Ads

I have a soft spot for MG's as my dad has been an MG owner and enthusiast since his early 20's.
So I was super excited to come across these great MG Posters and Ad's from the 1970's.

 Think I'll add an MG to the vehicles component of my covet list - only after I've purchased my 
VW Kombi and 70's Caravan of course!


Friday, October 26, 2012

Freaky Friday - Album Cover Antics

Seven album covers that caught my eye, and my fancy this week...

Steve Warren - Incomparable


Versatile and Fabulous.

Lee likes to play dress ups too.

If he can make it there, he'll make it anywhere.

 I think Jerry wants out.

All for one and one for all.

Happy Friday!

 All images via AAAA

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Overboard 1987

One of my late 80's faves.
So many great lines and scenes in this movie.
Goldie Hawn is priceless as her character Joanna Stapleton.

As with many 80's flicks, there was talk of a remake a few years back with J Lo as Goldie's character.
I think not.

Image via

Monday, October 22, 2012

1970's Fair Photos

Fantastic black and white photographs by Joey Harrison 
of the Michigan State Fair throughout the 1970's.

Many thanks to Joey for allowing me to share his wonderful photographs here.

Friday, October 19, 2012

Freaky Friday - John Kincade Album Cover

What I wouldn't give for a full length shot of this jumpsuit.

Happy Friday!

Image via AAAA

Thursday, October 18, 2012

The Yo-Yo

Coke, Fanta and Sprite Yo-Yo's were huge in the 1980's.

I could never pull out those super cool tricks like 
Rock the Baby, Walk the Dog, and Around the World. 
 The Throw Down was all I had. (Technically not a trick, but it's all I got.)

Great clip of the 1989 UK Coca Cola Yo-Yo Spinner Campaign and Competition.
These guys make it look so easy!

Monday, October 15, 2012

Retro Quiz #2

Eight new quiz questions! (First quiz here)
 This round may be slightly easier. I may have gone out abit hard last time!
Answers at the end of the page.
Let me know how you do!


1) Michael Knight 2) The Birds, Psycho & Vertigo. 
3) b. Weird Science 4) California Highway Patrol 
5) Gloria 6) Brooklyn, NY
7) Number 53 8) Slippery When Wet

How'd you go?!
Still too hard? 

Friday, October 12, 2012

Freaky Friday - Flashdance...What a feeling!

First when there's nothing, But a slow glowing dream,
That your fear seems to hide, Deep inside your mind,

All alone I have cried, Silent tears full of pride,
In a world made of steel, Made of stone....
(cue back beat)

Well I hear the music,

Close my eyes, feel the rhythm

Wrap around take a hold, of my heart

What a feeling!

Being's Believing,

I can have it all now I'm dancing for my life

Take your passion, and make it happen,

Pictures come alive you can dance right through your life

What a feeling!

Flashdance - Carlton Draught Beer Australian TV Ad

Happy Friday!

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

1979 Skateboard Session

Fantastic shots by Migmacmonks
from the Flickr set titled 'Hi Roller Skatepark Boulder, Co 1979'.

"I shot these with my first camera in 1979. 
 I've been sitting on them for over 30+ years.
This was a closed pro-session a day before the contest.

I'm stoked to share them. Enjoy bruddhas!" 

- Migmacmonks

Duane Peters

Steve Alba

Pile Up

Steve Caballero

Eddie Elguerra

Brad Bowman

Steve Olson

Steve Caballero

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