Friday, July 25, 2014

Freaky Friday - Hair Stare

There's a little something here for everyone.

Special mention to # 2 - Lump Man (does he have his lunch packed under there?), 
#3 - Spock Shock, #4 - The Centaur (half man half beast),
#5 - He who has never known a lady , #7 - Bored Barry,
#8 - The original inspiration for the design of Darth Vaders helmet - or a Steelo Pad, I can't decide,
  #11 - The Mediterranean Permed Prince, #12 - Dazed Dave and 
#13 - The Stunned Mullet (quite literally)

Happy Friday!

Friday, July 18, 2014

Freaky Friday - Terry

Well here's Terry...

And I'm turned on.

Look at all that chest hair! Roar....

Happy Friday!!

Friday, July 11, 2014

Freaky Friday - Barbaric Beauty

"Hush now Helen and sit still! Just breath normally.
Don't you want beautiful blushed cheeks for the dance tonight?!"

Source info - "The Forties Glamour Bonnet promised a rosy complexion by lowering atmospheric pressure around the head, mimicking the effect of a brisk walk in the mountains."

Fran was more of a fuss free kind of gal, and wore her circulation mask often for lovely fresh skin.

Source info - "Launched in July 1940, this spooky headdress could be plugged in and switched on to heat the face and head, the aim being to stimulate circulation, leaving skin looking fresh."

Jean cursed herself for not paying more attention to shaving her legs before
her visit to the salon. The coils were painfully plucking out every rogue hair on her leg.

Source info - "'Slenderising salons' in the Forties had all manner of weight-loss treatments, from full-body wraps to chairs which massaged your legs with metal rollers."

"Not tonight Jonathan. I have my Face Harness on!!"

Happy Friday!!

All but last image via thedailymailuk
Last image modernmechanix

Monday, July 7, 2014

Coco Palms Resort Hawaii

Coco Palms Resort on the Hawaiian Island of Kauai, is famous for being the beautiful backdrop and shooting location for part of the 1961 Elvis Film Blue Hawaii.
 Elvis Presley stayed at the resort (Bungalow 56 if Internet info is correct!) while filming took place.

The resort boomed as a tourist destination after the films release and became one of the number one venues in Hawaii for weddings and honeymoons.

In 1992, a Hurricane Iniki ripped through the island and the damage to the resort was catastrophic. 
Many insurance companies in Hawaii went bankrupt, and with no finances to rebuild and restore the resort, the Coco Palms went to ruins and has remained that way for over 20 years.

The property was reportedly acquired by Investors in 2013, who have plans 
to redevelop, restore and reconstruct the resort to it's former glory for reopening in 2017.
"Our endeavour is to revitalize the grounds and rebuild, while preserving the soul of the iconic resort". - Tyler Greene Manager of Coco Palms Hui.(source)

But while finalising my post to publish this evening, I found an online report and TV news broadcast of a fire that occurred at the Coco Palms Resort this weekend just gone 5th July 2014. 
According to the report, many of the remaining original buildings and rooms have been
 destroyed in the fire. Very sad indeed.

Coco Palms Fire News Report July 2014

- Donna x

All images via messynessychic.
There are many images of the Coco Palms resort online, but whilst searching, I discovered
Messy Nessy Chic's post about the Coco Palms in her 'Abandoned Hotel' series. The pics on messynessychic were great in that they had a real sense of 'then' and 'now' about them.
I picked a few of my favourites to share here, but if you would like to see many more great photographs (with original image source info) and read more about the resort, please head on over to the awesome messynessychic here. : )

Friday, July 4, 2014

Freaky Friday - Woven Wonders

Wade never had much luck with the ladies, but he could Macramé like nobody's business.

Disco Macramé - my favourite kind.

Macramé speaker holders.
The revolving round bed is just out of frame.

Few men wear wool like Clint Eastwood.

Karen - demonstrating that wool is not just for winter.

Happy Friday!!

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