Friday, November 23, 2012

I'll be back...

 Picking Daisies  - Gorgeous image from the 1970's by Art Photographer Jonathan Charles

I'm off on a mini blogging break!
But I'll be back early December with a new Retro Quiz, my Top 5 - 80's Dance Movie Moments, Hollywood Movie Musical Week, 1970's Photography & Advertising and more to wrap up the year.

In the meantime, have you voted for your favourite Freaky Friday?
I will be presenting the Top 5 from all my past Freaky Friday offerings as voted by you.

You can click here to read more and cast your vote!

Many thanks to Jonathan Charles for allowing me to share his beautiful photograph.

Catch you soon!

 - Donna

Thursday, November 22, 2012

eeny meeny retro cafe

There is a new Retro Cafe in Frankston - eeny meeny!
Pippa (Ouchflower) and I were pumped to hear of it's recent opening, 
so we mosied on down this week to check it out!

eeny meeny cafe is situated in the heart of Frankston at 96 Young Street.
The cafe is decorated with retro & vintage furniture and wares, and owners
 Robbie and Sandra have created a really cool, relaxed space.

There is also a fantastic covered courtyard out the back - perfect for functions.

Along with a great menu, the cafe serves organic, fairtrade & rainforest alliance coffee, 
organic leaf teas and home made baked treats and cakes including one of my 
old school favourites - Chocolate Crackles! 
(Also loved the counter top record player spinning some great tunes - very cool).

Great food, great service and lovely staff.

We'll definitely be back!!!

eeny meeny
96 Young Street
Frankston VIC 
Facebook - eeny meeny

Had to get a pic of the gorgeous water jug.
(Sandra tells me it was purchased from the man!!)

Saturday, November 17, 2012

The Karate Kid 1984


The Karate Kid - one of my all time favourite 80's films.
The kind I watch EVERY single time it's on TV - even though I've seen it 100 times before.

This clip is a great turning point in the movie, and I think one of the best scenes in the film.

After days of completing what he believes to simply be chores, Daniel confronts 
Mr. Miyagi about his lack of Karate training and learns not everything is as it seems.

Image via

Friday, November 16, 2012

Freaky Friday - Bad Retro Album Covers

Sometimes it's the album title, sometimes it's the picture, 
and then occasionally it's a glorious combination of the two.

 Dorothy "Everybody's Mother" 

License plate - I HAVE IT.

Happy Friday!

All images from AAAA

Monday, November 12, 2012

70's Wrapping Paper

Gorgeous vintage wrapping paper from the 1970's.

Reminds me of the wrapping paper box that mum used to keep in the storage cupboard.
She would keep good wrapping paper from gifts that had been received 
(that we hadn't mangled too much in the present opening process), 
give it abit of a 'flaten out' and keep it in the box ready to use on a new gift.

I think the wedding one is my favourite in this set.

Many thanks to Annie, for allowing me to share 
some of her beautiful wrapping paper collection here.
(All pics from Annie's Flickr set Fabric, Paper & Trims.)






Friday, November 9, 2012

The Best of Freaky Friday - You Choose!

Crikey! Two posts in one day!

This week my sister requested a 'Best of' for Freaky Friday.
Kind of like a Greatest Hits album of past Freaky Friday favourites.

I like this idea. I like it alot.

So, I'd like to throw this one over to you - 
the kind folk who pop in every Friday to get your Freak on. 
Do you have a past Freaky Friday favourite you think is worthy of a Top 5 spot? 
Please leave a comment & vote for who you would like to see in the 'Best of' tribute.

Based on the results, I'll present the Top 5 Best of Freaky Friday 
before the end of the year - which is suddenly not that far away.

Was it a man rug that took your fancy, a retro album cover, the man in grey 
or maybe the lady in red? They're all waiting in the Freaky Friday vault just 
waiting to be selected for a shot at the title.

To view past posts of Freaky Friday, please click here
or click on the Freaky Friday tab in the sidebar and scroll away!

So in the meantime, I'll leave you with Joyce & some Photoshop fun that 
I discovered online (the internet holds many hidden treasures). 
Seems I'm not the only fan of the permed wonder.

Yours in Friday Freakiness,


All Images- Prince

Freaky Friday - The Man, The Speedos and The Dumpster

And one second later...

Happy Friday!!

Images from the home of Awkward - AFP

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Monday, November 5, 2012

1970's Archaeology Excavations

These fantastic photographs from were taken by retired 
Archaeologist and Anthropology professor John Atherton 
at excavation sites in Oregon, USA in the 1970's.

I have added the photographs original descriptions as captions.

Big thank you to John for allowing me to share his wonderful photographs here.

Historial archeology excavations at the old Champoeg townsite, Champoeg State Park Oregon (USA) 1974

Archaeological excavations at a prehistoric American Indian site in North-Central Oregon (USA) 1977

Archaeological Excavations at a prehistoric American Indian site in North Central Oregon (USA) 1977

Historical Archaeology at the Champoeg townsite, Oregon Summer 1973

Archaeological excavations in the Clarno Basin near the Hancock Field Station, North Central Oregon USA, 1977.              Photo taken in the summer of 1977. Fill was taken from small areas of the excavation unit and screened (in case any artifacts were missed in place --- almost all were measured in their original position). The fill (soil) was then bagged separately according to location and depth and put through a flotation device (below) which allowed organic materials to go to the surface where they were skimmed off, filtered according to size, and dried for identification. The remaining fill was let out of the bottom through another series of filters so that any tiny artifacts (like waste flakes from the manufacture of stone tools) could be recovered and sorted by size. After all the stone tools and flakes were catalogued, all the artifacts from the entire site were matched up where possible to others (like a very complicated jigsaw puzzle). This way it was possible to tell which parts of the site were probably being used at a particular point in time and to reconstruct activity like making a stone tool in one part of the site and using it and re-sharpening it in another.

Custom made floatation device, Clarno Basin, Oregon 1977 (relating to above pic description)

Archaeology crew ready to go, but truck not cooperating, Camp Hancock, Oregon USA 1977

Measuring elevation with a line level. Historical archaeology at the old Champoeg townsite, Oregon USA 1973

Archaeologist and notebook. Historical Archaeology at the old Champoeg townsite, Oregon USA 1973

Sorting artifacts and cooking at an archaeological campsite Champoeg, Oregon 1973

Archaeologists in love. Taken during Archaeological excavations at the site of the original town of Champoeg, Oregon 1973. (John also noted in 2011 in his comments on this photo, that this couple were married a year or two after this photo was taken, and are still married today.)

Historian & Ceramic expert Harriet Munnick and me at the Champoeg, Oregon Archaeological site 1975

Laboratory work on the Champoeg townsite historical archaeology project, Oregon USA 1973

Saturday, November 3, 2012

it's a Retro Cook Off!

The day has finally arrived!
It's like Christmas morning, only it's midday...with vile retro food...
but hey - I'm excited!!
Can't wait to see what everyone has made.

Here is my dish inspiration...

Salmon Party Salad 
courtesy of Better Homes & Garden 1968

Gelatin, Salmon, Black Olives and Celery (I used Cucumber in mine), 
Grated Onion, Horseradish, Salt, Vinegar, Sugar & Avacado & Sour Cream 'Icing'

And here is my version...

Looking very pale in colour in comparison. 
Perhaps I should have used Red Salmon? Or added some PAL dog food?
I can't imagine how this is mean't to be eaten - 
on a cracker like a dip? With a fork?
I can however, VIVIDLY imagine it coming back up.


And this is my sister Jenny's entry to the cook off.
(she doesn't have a blog so I'm happily adding her dish to mine)

Shrimp & Orange Cocktail 
courtesy of Keep Cool Cookbook by Susan Lloyd 1973

Cut the orange in half, remove fruit in segments. Mix together chopped segments of orange and shrimp together. Mix together with mayonnaise, cream, lemon juice and spoon into the orange and add shrimp pieces. Place in the fridge and chill before serving. 

  (She sent her teenage son down to buy parsley for the garnish. He came back with 'modern parsley' so off he was sent again to buy 'old fashioned' parsley.
It's the little details that make all the difference...)

Thanks Jen!

Please add your link and head on over to 
Lucy Violet Vintage for more retro cook off fun!
 Many thanks to all who have taken the time to join in, 
and a big Howdy! to those who are just popping in to see what's on offer.

Hope you enjoy!

"It's a Culinary Wonderland... " 
(sung to the tune of John Mayer's "Your Body is a Wonderland")

Friday, November 2, 2012

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