Thursday, November 22, 2012

eeny meeny retro cafe

There is a new Retro Cafe in Frankston - eeny meeny!
Pippa (Ouchflower) and I were pumped to hear of it's recent opening, 
so we mosied on down this week to check it out!

eeny meeny cafe is situated in the heart of Frankston at 96 Young Street.
The cafe is decorated with retro & vintage furniture and wares, and owners
 Robbie and Sandra have created a really cool, relaxed space.

There is also a fantastic covered courtyard out the back - perfect for functions.

Along with a great menu, the cafe serves organic, fairtrade & rainforest alliance coffee, 
organic leaf teas and home made baked treats and cakes including one of my 
old school favourites - Chocolate Crackles! 
(Also loved the counter top record player spinning some great tunes - very cool).

Great food, great service and lovely staff.

We'll definitely be back!!!

eeny meeny
96 Young Street
Frankston VIC 
Facebook - eeny meeny

Had to get a pic of the gorgeous water jug.
(Sandra tells me it was purchased from the man!!)


  1. Looks gorgeous Donna, but I wanted a pic of two of my favourite bloggy girls???

    1. Hi Kylie! Yep, it's a great cafe. Happy, relaxed vibe.
      A pic of us you say?! LOL - ok. We'll get a pic next time we're out on a thrifting adventure.xx

  2. Kylie that's me draped on the tree branch!

    It's a lovely little place Donna....and you said you couldn't use a camera!

    1. Yep - I reckon it could be our new meeting spot! xx

  3. That's a really cute place. I love the name, and the courtyard is beautiful. What fun that you and Pippa have started hanging out together. Now that's my definition of a Dynamic Duo!

    1. Hi Dana! The courtyard is really good. I can imagine kicking back in their with some drinks on a summers afternoon. Yes, I am very lucky to have Pippa in close vicinity for catch ups and thrifiting! That reminds me - I must go and join the Teak Lovers club. I have no teak - but I'm joining anyway. Ha! x

  4. Nice job with the pictures! Looks like a charming cafe that I would love. I enjoy any type of outdoor seating. As nice as our weather is here, there is not that much outdoor seating. I know, dumb. Hey, why isn't there a picture of the Dynamic Duo?

  5. I was also hoping for a photo you two! Must must get down there. Maybe a catch up with you two, would love to pick your brain Pippa! (& share a chocolate crackle.) hee hee


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