Wednesday, August 31, 2011

70's Skateboarding

I LOVE these photographs.
They were taken in Aspen, Colorado 1977 by Nick DeWolf at a 
skateboarding competition.
Everything grabs me in these shots - from the skating, fashions, gorgeous location in the background, to the crowd shots of onlookers at the event.
Looks like the perfect way to spend a summers afternoon or weekend to me! 

Theses photo also have a great side story to them...

Steve Lundeen (Nick's son in-law) has created a photo archive project on Flickr (here), and is undertaking an amazing task to post his late father in-laws images in their original sets - approx 20-50 images a day. Steve's hope and intent is to eventually digitilize every picture Nick DeWolf ever shot, and post the images on the web for the DeWolf family and public to enjoy.

You can find out more about Nick DeWolf here, and visit Steve's Flickr page featuring Nick's photographs here.

A big thank you to Maggie DeWolf and Steve Lundeen for allowing me to share these fabulous photos and story.
Just another reason why I love Flickr: each photo has a story, but so does the person behind the camera.






Tuesday, August 30, 2011


Minder is a British comedy-drama series which ran from 1979 - 1994.
Arthur Daley (George Cole), a small time conman, hires former boxer Terry McCann (Dennis Waterman) to be his 'minder', so Terry can protect him from other small time crooks.

One of my brothers, David, is a huge Minder fan, and he still catches it these days when re runs are on the box. I don't remember much about the series itself from when I was young, other than that it had a really cool theme song.
And I still think it's one of the best TV theme songs around.

'I Could Be So Good For You' was written in 1979 by Patricia Waterman and Gerard Kenny, and sung by Dennis Waterman, star of the TV series.
The song was a huge success and reached no. 3 on the UK charts in 1980.


Monday, August 29, 2011

70's Swap Cards

I collected swap cards as a child, and kept them all in an album: 
favourite pairs at the front, and single cards toward the back. 
My swapcard album has since gone MIA over the years.
So, I recently acquired a few off eBay, reminiscent of the ones I used to own.
I like the idea of enlarging the images slightly, and printing them to 
create greeting cards.
Hmmm, maybe one day.

Friday, August 26, 2011

Freaky Friday - Men in Belted Sweaters

Ahh yes, Belted Sweaters.
Why did men ever stop wearing them?
And more importantly, is that Ridge from the Bold & the Beautiful modelling them?!

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

American Pickers

This is one of my new fave TV Shows.

Mike Wolfe & Frank Fritz are the 'American Pickers'.
Their job: to locate and hunt through junk piles, abandoned barns, & neglected garages for antiques, collectibles & memorabilia. 

A trusty van & the open road is their office, while the gorgeous Danielle Colby-Cushman holds the fort at home base, Antique Archeology , Mike's business in LeClaire, Iowa.
They come across some amazing finds and equally amazing people.

Mike & Frank are so great to watch together. They love their work & their humour and enthusiasm are infectious.

A must see for any vintage hunter and gatherer.
Currently on Wed nights 9.30pm on 73 (Melbourne, Australia)

Mike (left) & Frank (right)
found here

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

WAX - Building a bridge to your heart

'Building a bridge to your heart' 1987.
Most successful single from UK pop duo WAX, Andrew Gold & Graham Gouldman. 
Still hear it from time to time on Aussie radio.
Love it.

For my good friend Jo...

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Market finds

Sunny Sunday morning - perfect for a market stroll.
These are my purchases from Frankston market this morning.
Willow cake tin, and a brilliant retro (although somewhat enormous) biscuit tin.

Best get baking!

Friday, August 19, 2011

Freaky Friday - Mullet fun

I never tire of seeing a good mullet.

80's classic hairstyle that's like a bad rash and just won't go away.
Let's celebrate it together here shall we on this Freaky Friday?

Too many mullets on one page - my eyes, my eyes!!!

Holy mother of god.

Billy Ray Cyrus: Celebrity mullet king.

Mesmerized by the she mullet.

 Curling the mullet for Prom. 
Good times.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Otto Retro

I came across this awesome photo on Flickr and decided to do abit of research on the shop itself - Otto Retro!! (They had me at retro...)

 Otto Retro is a shop & Antique dealer in Exeter, Devon UK selling vintage and secondhand furniture and items.

There is a few walk through video tours on their blog, which had me wishing there weren't several countries and oceans preventing me to get to this store!
Definitely the kind of place I would be a regular visitor to.

Window sign Otto Retro had at Christmas time.
(Thanks Tracey!)

Otto Retro at their old street address in Exeter.
The window cards read 'Summer Could Still Happen'
Love the optimism, and the deck chairs!

Monday, August 15, 2011

Beverly Hills 90210

Ah yes, that infamous guitar intro, Dah nah nah nah, nah nah nah nah ching ching - with Brandon's fist gestures. The theme was my ringtone for some time. (Has currently been swapped for True Blood's.)

Seasons 1 - 3 were my favourites, whilst the gang were still at West Beverly High.
Highlights for me were Brenda and Dylan's ever stormy relationship, the Spring Dance, Donna getting together with David much to Kelly's dismay, David's dance moves and later recording contract ('You're so precious to me, am I precious to you...?'), Emily Valentine, Andrea forever lusting after Brandon, the camping trip, summer episodes at the Beverly Hills Beach Club, Steve's shirts, and of course Jim & Cindy Walsh. Who could forget Jim's singing at the Karaoke night at the Peach Pit?

Friday, August 12, 2011

Freaky Friday - Festive Family Sleepwear

I believe I would launch myself through the nearest window if my family suggested we all wear matching sleepwear.
Even the kids on this shoot (bar one) are looking off set like 
'I want out of here - NOW!'
And whats with the hats? Will there be baking involved?

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Retro Fireplace & Loungeroom

Melbourne's burst of warm winter weather has gone, and today
I have the fire back on.
You can't beat a cosy fire on a cold, rainy day.

Better Homes & Garden 1961

Better Homes & Garden 1961

Home Improvement Annual 1972
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