Wednesday, August 24, 2011

American Pickers

This is one of my new fave TV Shows.

Mike Wolfe & Frank Fritz are the 'American Pickers'.
Their job: to locate and hunt through junk piles, abandoned barns, & neglected garages for antiques, collectibles & memorabilia. 

A trusty van & the open road is their office, while the gorgeous Danielle Colby-Cushman holds the fort at home base, Antique Archeology , Mike's business in LeClaire, Iowa.
They come across some amazing finds and equally amazing people.

Mike & Frank are so great to watch together. They love their work & their humour and enthusiasm are infectious.

A must see for any vintage hunter and gatherer.
Currently on Wed nights 9.30pm on 73 (Melbourne, Australia)

Mike (left) & Frank (right)
found here

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