Welcome to Hung Up On Retro!

My name is Donna, and I am a thirty something 
based in Melbourne, Australia.

This blog is a collection spot of all my Retro favourites -
Photography, TV Shows, Movies, Homes, Furniture, Thrifted wares and more.
I am certainly no expert in any field.
My blog is just a great place for me to showcase & share the stuff I dig.

I always try to credit images used on the blog to the original owner
and link back to the original source where possible.
If you would like to use something you find on my blog - great!
Please link back, and email me so I can head over & check it out!

Thanks for stopping by.



  1. Hi Donna

    My name is Nelly and I work for Lee Jeans in Melbourne, we are doing a shoot next week in Sydney for our diffusion line, Riders by Lee and I was wondering if you would be interested in hiring out these two chairs for our shoot!? The are exactly what we need. I'm based in Thornbury so can collect on the week-end? Please let me know. My email is nelly.phelan@truealliance.com.au or mobile, 0409 421 911.
    Many thanks

  2. Hi Donna, all respect to you for your commitment to retro. You might like my post I did recently on 80's interior magazines in Perth.


    How do you feel about the early 80's??!

  3. Howdo Donna:

    Your blog is great. I'm really into retro album covers...its even better that you can pick them up (records included) for as little as 10 pence here in Blighty.

    I'll be following your blog with intertest.


    1. Hi Zerg, Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment! I love finding retro album covers online. There are some shockers out there! 10 pence is super cheap! I bet you have some beauties. Thanks again for dropping by. : )

  4. Hello Donna, I grew up in Melbourne in the 60s to 80s so you site is wonderland of memories for me.

    I have lived in Cairns, Byron Bay and the Philippines the last 25 years, but returned to Melbourne in 2011. I was shocked to see the change, when I left in 1987 it was near depression and every shop in High Street Richmond was nearly empty. Lots of things are gone, but many remain.

    Is the Skipping Girl neon sign still there? I think I read a story about someone saving it.

    Next year I am going to do a series of photos taken using vintage Polaroid cameras and film, based on the theme of Aussie beach summers of my youth. I will get in touch again when they are done. I think you will like them, very retro.


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