Sunday, September 30, 2012

Ouchflower Macrame Owl

Here is my new Macrame Owl beautifully hand crafted by Pippa of Ouchflower!

Pippa creates gorgeous modern macrame, and I have been wanting to own one of her pieces for ages. I finally decided on a Turquoise Wall Owl, and I think he adds a great splash of colour to the wall space above my desk.

In addition to her fabulous blog, Pippa has recently launched Ouchflower's online store, where you can purchase her gorgeous Macrame Hanging Gardens, Owls and Embroidered Wall Hangings. 

Pippa is not only incredibly talented, she is also one of the nicest chicks on the blogging block.
Please head on over and check out her fabulous work!

Friday, September 28, 2012

Freaky Friday - Brady Bunch Variety Hour

I was a big fan of the Brady Bunch as a kid, and the Brady Brides as well.
However, the Brady Bunch Variety Hour is a completely different kettle of fish, 
and these clips have me cringing & squirming in my seat.

The first clip that caught my eye is Greg Brady (Johnny Bravo) - cutting up the dance 
floor in a tight white jumpsuit. Such fluid dancing at the start of the number.
Poetry in motion.


(Big balloon budget on this number?)

And because one clip is never enough, here is the finale number of one of the shows.
Greg opens the medley (naturally), then if you can stomach the middle section where Carol and Mike give us a song, you'll see the Brady's (including Fake Jan! ) do the hustle and destroy
 'Shake Your Booty' by KC and the Sunshine Band.

Press play again - you know you want to.

Happy Friday!

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Retro Salt & Pepper Shakers & Pots

Love these vintage salt and pepper shakers and pots by H is for Home.
In fact, I could browse through their photographs of fabulous vintage wares all day.
You can see more of H is for Home on Flickr here, online store here, and beautiful blog here.


Monday, September 24, 2012

Kombi Days

Fantastic Black and White photographs by Marc of New Cham.
Early 1970's - a VW Kombi, Queensland, Sydney, the Outback and faces & spaces in between.
Love these shots.
Many thanks to Marc for allowing me to share them here.
 (There were so many great photos, I'm sure there will be a second round of Marc's brilliant 
black and white work from the 70's here again soon.)

Central Australia 1973

Wedding, Alice Springs 1974

Outback Australia 1973 - Near Tennant Creek....I was hitching from Melbourne to Darwin and met this heavily pregnant girl at Port Augusta.She was hitchhiking to darwin,i forget why..we got picked up by the guy in the middle,in an old Morris or Ford Thames van,which threw a big end in Coober Pedy..he got his brother in tennant creek to drive the 500 miles down to Coober with a tow rope...she ended up staying with them...

Noosa, early 1970's - Noosa National Park,Queensland,Australia...One of the world's premier surfing venues,back in the days when there was room to park your car,and then catch a wave without a hundred aggressive surfers on it...

Hyde Park, Sydney, 1974

Sydney, 1976
Kombi on Ferry

Queensland, 1974

Music Festival Australia, 1970's

Room, 1971

Black and White TV - This is a photo i took in the early 70's in my grandmothers house on Phillip Island,Australia. There's nothing set up or contrived about it,it is a purely "as found" image in the lounge room.The blank screen at the right was used for slide evenings,slides in colour,of course. Please enjoy.

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Blog Link In - Golden Circle Bake Off

A few weeks back, I was lucky enough to win a gorgeous apron from the lovely Kylie over at 
In addition to my beautiful apron, Kylie included several other fantastic retro treasures in my parcel, including this Golden Circle Tropical Recipe Book.

It's packed full of gag inducing Pineapple recipes, and Kylie had the great idea to each 
pick a dish to whip up for a blog link in - or bake off if you will.

It took me a while to decide upon a suitable dish to make, but as I have a real distaste for savoury cooking with jelly or gelatin (as seen on previous Freaky Friday posts here & here), it had to be the glorious Sunlit Salad.

This is the book version.
Grated Carrot, Crushed Pineapple, Crushed Walnuts (optional), Vinegar, Salt and Pineapple Juice all mixed into a Lemon Jelly.

And this is my version following the recipe step by step...

Somewhat more flacid (for want of a better word) and unbelievably 
less impressive than it's cook book counterpart.
There were jelly bits going everywhere when I tried to set up the plate for a photoshoot.
 No fear of me ever getting a job as a food stylist.

Are you feeling my freestylin' with the garnish? Home Economics 101.
The ham I had set aside for garnish was consumed by others in the household, 
so I had to do abit of 'MacGyvering'.

About an hour after the photoshoot, my Sunlit Salad had spread all over the 
plate to look more like Sunlit Soup.

So there you have it!
My offering of sweet tropical Pineapple fare.
Please head on over to Kylie at Lucy Violet Vintage here who I believe has taken 
care of sweets for the occasion. Can't wait to see it!!

Sorry Ruby. I tried.

Friday, September 21, 2012

Freaky Friday - Retro Family Album Covers

Matching outfits, a hair piece or two, and a song to be sung...

Featuring Donna Boser! 
I'm pumped for Vol.2 already.

Maddy Genets et son ensemble: Proof that you don't 
need matching outfits to make sweet accordian music.

Happy Friday!

All Images AAAA

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Romancing the Stone 1984

Great film from 1984 directed by Robert Zemeckis & music by Alan Silvestri.

Kathleen Turner is romance writer Joan Wilder who travels to Columbia to find her kidnapped sister. She is detoured upon her arrival in Columbia and rescued by Jack T. Colton (Michael Douglas), who agrees to see her safely to her destination for a fee.

It was surprisingly hard to find any good clips from the film - 
apparently FOX studios remove them as soon as they appear online. 
The original trailer is one of the few clips I could find.

There has been buzz online for years now that a remake is in the works. 
Hmmm, think it would all come down to the right casting. 
The 80's original would be pretty hard to beat though.

Monday, September 17, 2012

Vintage Library Posters

Fantastic Retro Library Posters found by Flickr member Enokson.

"I found these posters whilst digging through old library stuff. 
 I believe they were purchased when our school was first built in the mid 1960’s."
 - Enokson

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