Sunday, September 30, 2012

Ouchflower Macrame Owl

Here is my new Macrame Owl beautifully hand crafted by Pippa of Ouchflower!

Pippa creates gorgeous modern macrame, and I have been wanting to own one of her pieces for ages. I finally decided on a Turquoise Wall Owl, and I think he adds a great splash of colour to the wall space above my desk.

In addition to her fabulous blog, Pippa has recently launched Ouchflower's online store, where you can purchase her gorgeous Macrame Hanging Gardens, Owls and Embroidered Wall Hangings. 

Pippa is not only incredibly talented, she is also one of the nicest chicks on the blogging block.
Please head on over and check out her fabulous work!


  1. He's bl**dy beautiful Donna!
    Turquoise macrame perfection.
    Pippa's one talented, lovely lady, that's for sure.

    p.s.your little desk aint half bad either.

  2. Yes! Lovely desk, lovely post, lovely friend.....thanks x

    1. Welcome! I love the owl. Really brightens up that corner.x

  3. Pippa's owl looks perfect over your desk. I love that sunny corner!

  4. My first entrepreneurial endeavor was creating macramé owls, necklaces and plant hangers. I always used jute and never thought to use cool colors like orange or turquoise. What a good idea! Like.

  5. Very lovely owl and pretty colour too!She's a clever girl.


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