Monday, May 28, 2012

Hung Up On Retro turns 1 !

Hooray! It's been a year now since I began my blogging journey with my very first post dedicated to Chokito Chocolate bars (still a worthy topic I feel).

I have had such a great time with the blog, and have met many wonderful folk along the way - both fellow bloggers and non bloggers alike.

I would like to say a big thank you to any and all who have popped by
Hung Up On Retro to check out the blog - from the occasional visitor to the regular readers who visit often.

A big thank you also goes to the many wonderful photographers and creative folk who have allowed me to share their wonderful work here.

If you are a regular reader, you will know I hold a particular soft spot for my
Freaky Friday category.
Each Friday, I endeavour to bring you the good (?!), bad, and the
often ugly offerings from the retro universe.

I'll be forever grateful to the brave mullet hunters throughout the world, 
the folk who released self funded LP records with their hideous album covers, 
& the many people who posed for incredibly awkward family photos.

Without them, (and their friends or family members who saw to it 
that these photos went viral) - I would have no Freaky Friday.

So to bring in a fresh new blogging year, and to keep one of my favourite blog categories fresh too, I would like to open up Freaky Friday submissions!

If you own a photo of a mighty 80's mullet, an old retro ad or an album cover that makes you cringe, laugh, gag (all 3 is good), an awkward family photo,
or maybe a pic of uncle bob in his mankini - I would love to see it!

Please submit photos to and if I dig it, 
I'll use it!

You'll find a new 'Chad' button in my sidebar linking to the
 Freaky Friday Submit page.

I would be thrilled to use a readers very own Freaky submission,
and include them in the Freaky Friday fun.

Huge thanks again to any and all visitors to Hung Up On Retro this past year.

It's been a blast.


Friday, May 25, 2012

Freaky Friday - It's all about the Hair

When it comes to Retro Album Covers, it's all about the hair....

Triple the hairpiece fun.
 And what mighty hair pieces they are!

Sometimes I feel it's best not to speak.

Check the Legs!

Happy Friday all!
Here's to a great weekend.

Image credits 1. source  2. source  3. source

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Marc Cohn - Walking in Memphis

Released in 1991 from American singer-songwriter Marc Cohn's self titled album, 'Walking in Memphis' reached number 11 on the Australian Aria Charts 
and number 13 on the American Billboard charts.

Cohn won a Grammy award for Best New Artist the following year.

The song has been covered by several artists including Cher, 
American Country band Lonestar, & American singer-songwriter Skott Freedman.

But it's the original I love, 
and still hear consistently on Melbourne radio today.

This is a fantastic live version circa 91'/92'.
 Just Marc and his piano - brilliant.


Album cover image -

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Australian Life 1970's

These great photographs of a group of family and friends 
were found in a box of slides and negatives in an Op Shop.

They were salvaged by Darren of Frontdrive34 and given new light 
and a new home on Flickr, in a set titled 'Found Memories'.

These particular photographs are titled 'Australian Life 1970's'.

Such great shots including a caravan camping holiday, beach fun 
(colourful speedos!), a day at the races and a VB by the BBQ.

Many thanks to Darren for allowing me to share these great photographs here.

Monday, May 21, 2012

'Love Vintage' Show 2012

A great day out was had today at the Love Vintage Show, 
Royal Exhibition Buildings in Melbourne.

The show had over 50 vintage dealers and exhibitors, selling antique 
& vintage clothing, jewellery and accessories, linens and collectables. 

I loved this groovy retro lounge room display, styled by stalls - 

The lounge room was set up between the three stalls, 
and worked beautifully to inject some colour and vibe.

I could not take my eyes off the record player - AMAZING!!

Friday, May 18, 2012

Freaky Friday - Leopard Print Perfection

No need to adjust your computer screen!
What you are seeing (and feeling) is perfectly normal.

Mo, Mullet, Leopard Print Speedos and a Rolex.
Right on time.

Image found at the legendary Awkward Family Photos

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

The Bellamy Brothers 'Let Your Love Flow'

'Let Your Love Flow' by The Bellamy Brothers was a 1976 number one hit on the Billboard Hot 100 charts in the US, and the duos biggest selling single.

Great tune.

The song is also used at the end of the 1980 film 'Little Darlings' starring Tatum O'Neal, Kristy McNichol, Amand Assante and Matt Dillon, and is played over the closing credits.

The movie had a great soundtrack featuring Blondie, The Bellamy Brothers, 
John Lennon and Supertramp.

 The films original soundtrack stayed in tact for the films first VHS release. 
However, due to licensing issues, several tracks were removed from the film for the second VHS release, including John Lennon's 'Oh My Love', Supertramps 'School' and The Bellamy Brothers 'Let Your Love Flow'.

Monday, May 14, 2012

Cycling around Amsterdam - 70's style

Great street photographs from the 1970's of folk getting from A to B on their bicycles around the great city of Amsterdam - one of the most bicycle-friendly cities in the world. 

All photographs from Amsterdamized on Flickr.

Winter 1979/80 cycle promotion flyers. From left 'The best police ride bicycles', 
middle 'By bike you would already be there', right 'I think, therefore I bike'.

Friday, May 11, 2012

Freaky Friday - Retro Album Covers

 As with mullets, I never tire of a good (bad) retro album cover. 
Let's share five special covers that have caught my eye this week...

The hair Ken, the hair.

Touch me (if you care) - Just like 90's band Extreme, 
Lori Lee was looking for 'More Than Words'.

To Teens...with Love.
Gloria Roe - The original cougar?

Looks like something straight out of Carrie.
This will be the one keeping me awake tonight.

I do love a hair piece, and Mrs McKeithen's is magical.

Happy Friday all!
Have a great weekend.

All pics found here

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Old Red Hill Roller Rink

Spied this sad, derelict Roller Rink in Brisbane's suburb of Red Hill on my travels.

The former picture theatre was converted into a skating rink in the 1920's,
and operated until 2002 when it was destroyed by fire.

And there it remains.
I guess most people just see an eyesore, but I can imagine what it once was,
and what it could possibly be again.

Be great to buy the building, fix it up, rig up a disco ball,
bring in a DJ, a cafe and skate hire and away we'd go!!

Ahhh, Roller Disco Dreams.

(Perhaps watched Xanadu one too many times?)

Monday, May 7, 2012

Woolloongabba Antique Center, Brisbane

This weekend found me in Brisbane experiencing all the 
retro and vintage goodness that Brisbane had to offer. 
And it was amazing!

 Linda (my sister in law, fellow retro fan & trusty tour guide), 
showed me the sights and a tonne of great retro and vintage stores
 - large and small.

One of the standouts though would have to have been the 
22 Wellington Road (Cnr Nile Street)

Run by sisters Sarah Jane Walsh and Megan Rizzo, 
the centre houses over 60 antique dealers and has a 
fantastic fifties style cafe and gift shop. 

The last Sunday of every month you will also find the 
'Bare Bones Pop Up Barber Shop' on site. Such a great idea!

There is also a small silent theatre toward the back which runs 1920's silent films everyday. The original cinema seating is from the Empire Theatre in Toowoomba.

The Woolloongabba Antique Centre offers more than just retro and vintage shopping, and I think this is what sets it apart from many other large Antique Centres. I highly recommend a visit if you happen by these parts!

Please head to the website Woolloongabba Antique Centre for tonnes more photos, info on the sisters, the dealers, upcoming events and the Centre itself.

PS. I have often wondered why more of the larger Antique Centres (in relatively isolated or industrial areas) in Melbourne don't have cafes. I think it's smart to offer customers a place to grab a cuppa, refuel, and ponder some of the items they have seen and are perhaps considering purchasing. I know I have left centres to grab lunch or a drink as it wasn't offered on site, only to decide I do in fact want an item, but due to time or distance, generally don't head back for it.

Just a thought.

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