Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Old Red Hill Roller Rink

Spied this sad, derelict Roller Rink in Brisbane's suburb of Red Hill on my travels.

The former picture theatre was converted into a skating rink in the 1920's,
and operated until 2002 when it was destroyed by fire.

And there it remains.
I guess most people just see an eyesore, but I can imagine what it once was,
and what it could possibly be again.

Be great to buy the building, fix it up, rig up a disco ball,
bring in a DJ, a cafe and skate hire and away we'd go!!

Ahhh, Roller Disco Dreams.

(Perhaps watched Xanadu one too many times?)


  1. Brings back memories of when I considered it a real luxury to skate at a rink with honest-to-goodness lace-up skates instead of the sidewalk, dodging cracks in the skates I tightened onto my sneakers with a skate key. :)

  2. I love these photos Donna, funny how some buildings actually look better when they are slightly decayed...
    I'd love to get my hands on that Popeye.
    My roller skating days weren't my happiest, I clung to the side railing while all my friends whizzed past me! Usually with spunky boys in tow! I made sure my girls could skate - even though it's not the trendy thing to do these days - I didn't want them to be losers like their Mum! Now the youngest is a really good figure skater (on ice though)
    Can you have a quick look at my blog when you get a chance? I need some info from a Melbourne local (you too please Pippa, if you're reading this) Thanks x

  3. Yes I am reading this! predicable! I skated at the noble park skate rink had birthday parties there etc. my Dad taught me, funny it was our time together...I then rollerbladed on the St Kilda foreshore in the 90's. I now chase after a toddler on three wheels, he's fast! :)

  4. Loved these pics Donna, I can almost imagine myself skating into the wall and reappearing in Xanadu. One of the greatest flicks of all time ;)

  5. Thanks for the comments all!
    I'm glad the old rink brings back good memories for you Dana and Pippa.
    It's great that skating was your time with your dad Pippa. I also rollerbladed on the foreshore in the 90's! Blading is also great fun. Still got my K2's in the cupboard!
    Kylie - I'm sure you still looked a million bucks clinging to the side rail. That's really great that your daughter is an ice figure skater.
    Carli - yep, Xanadu. A place, where nobody dared to go...

  6. My brothers, cousins and I used to skate here in the late 80's. Loved this place, good memories! Sad to see it in this state. We used to live in Arthur Terrace. I'll always remember walking there from home bare footed in the hot summer sun, burning my feet off! Mum always gave us extra money so we could buy an icy pole as a treat. Ahh, memories. Thanks for the pics!

    1. Hi Paul! Thanks so much for taking the time to leave a comment. I loved reading your memories of skating here as a kid, burning hot feet on the hot ground on the way home and icy poles as a treat. Good times - simpler times - the best. I agree, it's so sad to see this rink like this. Glad you have good memories of it though. Thanks again for popping by.

  7. Some of these comments have been here a few years now and used to Skate there myself 1970 up to the fire in 2001.We have got some of the Skaters together and started up a group on Facebook called "Skate Arena Red Hill -Gone but not Forgotton" ,which now at the time of writing has just under 250 in the group.We have also had a couple of Skate Reunions with more to continue.So if Skate Arena was once your home away from home come find us on Face Book you may come across some long lost skating friends as the group is fairly active.

    1. Thanks for your comment. I haven't been active on the blog for a while now and didn't see your comment until today. Will definitely check our your Facebook page! Cheers, Donna

  8. Great location, and some nice exterior photos!

    Inside shots -


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