Monday, May 7, 2012

Woolloongabba Antique Center, Brisbane

This weekend found me in Brisbane experiencing all the 
retro and vintage goodness that Brisbane had to offer. 
And it was amazing!

 Linda (my sister in law, fellow retro fan & trusty tour guide), 
showed me the sights and a tonne of great retro and vintage stores
 - large and small.

One of the standouts though would have to have been the 
22 Wellington Road (Cnr Nile Street)

Run by sisters Sarah Jane Walsh and Megan Rizzo, 
the centre houses over 60 antique dealers and has a 
fantastic fifties style cafe and gift shop. 

The last Sunday of every month you will also find the 
'Bare Bones Pop Up Barber Shop' on site. Such a great idea!

There is also a small silent theatre toward the back which runs 1920's silent films everyday. The original cinema seating is from the Empire Theatre in Toowoomba.

The Woolloongabba Antique Centre offers more than just retro and vintage shopping, and I think this is what sets it apart from many other large Antique Centres. I highly recommend a visit if you happen by these parts!

Please head to the website Woolloongabba Antique Centre for tonnes more photos, info on the sisters, the dealers, upcoming events and the Centre itself.

PS. I have often wondered why more of the larger Antique Centres (in relatively isolated or industrial areas) in Melbourne don't have cafes. I think it's smart to offer customers a place to grab a cuppa, refuel, and ponder some of the items they have seen and are perhaps considering purchasing. I know I have left centres to grab lunch or a drink as it wasn't offered on site, only to decide I do in fact want an item, but due to time or distance, generally don't head back for it.

Just a thought.


  1. You know, I went to the Paddington Antiques Centre this weekend. It's very similar, but the WAC has much groovier stuff. I've rested myself and a testy Martha at the WAC cafe, and we received some of the best service we're ever received anywhere!

    And my good friend Katherine has her shop at WAC. She's such a good stick.

  2. Oooh that wrought iron day bed is calling my name! And those lamps too btw.

  3. What did you buy? Don't just tempt us with lovely pics, seal the deal as well! Looks ace, I will put Brissie on the to go list :)

  4. Looks super. Did you buy? Looks amazing, I'm sure you would have been there for hours! Look forward to catching up and pondering over your photos!

  5. Howdy all, I didn't buy anything! Isn't that ridiculous? Bags were already packed on the way to the airport when we stopped into the WAC. But yes, we were there for a good while. The shops were styled really well. I really wanted the aqua tropical wall print next to the starburst clock, and the rocket lamp too in the last photo. Next time I'm up there, the WAC will be one of the first stops, with interstate courier info in hand!! How great that your friend has her shop there MMMC - and we were at the Paddington Antique Centre on Sat too! Probably brushed past you and didn't even know it.x


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