Monday, May 28, 2012

Hung Up On Retro turns 1 !

Hooray! It's been a year now since I began my blogging journey with my very first post dedicated to Chokito Chocolate bars (still a worthy topic I feel).

I have had such a great time with the blog, and have met many wonderful folk along the way - both fellow bloggers and non bloggers alike.

I would like to say a big thank you to any and all who have popped by
Hung Up On Retro to check out the blog - from the occasional visitor to the regular readers who visit often.

A big thank you also goes to the many wonderful photographers and creative folk who have allowed me to share their wonderful work here.

If you are a regular reader, you will know I hold a particular soft spot for my
Freaky Friday category.
Each Friday, I endeavour to bring you the good (?!), bad, and the
often ugly offerings from the retro universe.

I'll be forever grateful to the brave mullet hunters throughout the world, 
the folk who released self funded LP records with their hideous album covers, 
& the many people who posed for incredibly awkward family photos.

Without them, (and their friends or family members who saw to it 
that these photos went viral) - I would have no Freaky Friday.

So to bring in a fresh new blogging year, and to keep one of my favourite blog categories fresh too, I would like to open up Freaky Friday submissions!

If you own a photo of a mighty 80's mullet, an old retro ad or an album cover that makes you cringe, laugh, gag (all 3 is good), an awkward family photo,
or maybe a pic of uncle bob in his mankini - I would love to see it!

Please submit photos to and if I dig it, 
I'll use it!

You'll find a new 'Chad' button in my sidebar linking to the
 Freaky Friday Submit page.

I would be thrilled to use a readers very own Freaky submission,
and include them in the Freaky Friday fun.

Huge thanks again to any and all visitors to Hung Up On Retro this past year.

It's been a blast.



  1. I look forward every week to your Freaky Friday post. Congrats on your year!

  2. Thank you Dana! And thank you for always taking the time to leave comments. Much appreciated.xx

  3. Happy blog birthday to ya, happy, happy blog birthday to ya, Freaky Friday! Happy blog birthday to ya, happy blog birthday! Long live Freaky Friday! Much love xx

  4. Thank you Pippa! Who knew I'd meet and make a great new friend through the blog.xx

  5. Happy First Birthday Hung up on Retro!

  6. happy 1 year! i just discovered your blog & am in love already. keep up the retro grooviness!
    peace & love :)

  7. Thank you Hello Vintage and Peace Owl Forest!
    Thank you Hello Vintage for also taking the time to often comment on posts - you rock!
    Peace Owl Forest - I have in turn just discovered your wonderful blog! I'm a new follower and shall be visiting often : ) xx


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