Friday, November 9, 2012

The Best of Freaky Friday - You Choose!

Crikey! Two posts in one day!

This week my sister requested a 'Best of' for Freaky Friday.
Kind of like a Greatest Hits album of past Freaky Friday favourites.

I like this idea. I like it alot.

So, I'd like to throw this one over to you - 
the kind folk who pop in every Friday to get your Freak on. 
Do you have a past Freaky Friday favourite you think is worthy of a Top 5 spot? 
Please leave a comment & vote for who you would like to see in the 'Best of' tribute.

Based on the results, I'll present the Top 5 Best of Freaky Friday 
before the end of the year - which is suddenly not that far away.

Was it a man rug that took your fancy, a retro album cover, the man in grey 
or maybe the lady in red? They're all waiting in the Freaky Friday vault just 
waiting to be selected for a shot at the title.

To view past posts of Freaky Friday, please click here
or click on the Freaky Friday tab in the sidebar and scroll away!

So in the meantime, I'll leave you with Joyce & some Photoshop fun that 
I discovered online (the internet holds many hidden treasures). 
Seems I'm not the only fan of the permed wonder.

Yours in Friday Freakiness,


All Images- Prince


  1. Really hard to choose but the man in grey for repulsion! Followed by the retro family for laughs!
    This is a very exciting venture, yeah for sisters!

    1. Ahhh, The Man in Grey - one of my all time favourites too. The Retro Family - the hair one? xx

  2. There are so, so many...and I really can't choose just one. But I've narrowed it down to two...Saveta Jovanovic of the up-close-and-personal unshaved legs and Green Satin Dream. No wait...the Hawaiian-shirted Vulcan or that roller skating guy in gray. hahaha So many freaks, so little time. And what was the accordian playing family called? The one where it looks like they forced the poor stooped woman out of a nursing facility for the photo shoot?

    1. LOL - Dana you make me laugh. I love your comments. So many freaks and so little time. You have some top choices in there though!
      The accordian playing family - Ahh yes, I believe you mean 'Maddy Genets - et son ensemble'. A truly great & disturbing album cover (it's right up there with the 'Miracle at my House' album cover....) xx

  3. That was pretty awful. I did watch both Brady videos, in totality. Horrible. I didn't remember the show being THAT bad. It was THAT bad. I pick an old favorite John Kincade.

    1. John Kincade!! Excellent choice. And I was hoping someone might add in the Brady's - Greg Brady's dancing alone should qualify them for a Top 5 mention!!xx

  4. Well, after much procrastination....I have decided on a few. Two of these made me cry, I laughed so much! For me it's the "mullet family", I mean, say no more! "When good clowns go bad", and two from the awkward family photos which are "A family that Trek's together, stays together" and "Petticoat Junction with poultry". How these people kept a straight face, I do not know. Laughed till I cried, thanks Donna!

  5. Hi Donna, first up I want, no need to, know more about Joyce (I reckon she deserves her own post!)

    Fave Freaky Friday posts: (the more I looked the more I found so I had to quit looking)

    Mr Dress Ups (creep factor +)
    Jackie and Mo (gettin high naturally)
    Jaer Rae
    Oh Dear (pregnant woman and partner - she has her belly exposed in a weird top)
    Maddy Genets and co (love those guys!)
    The Kelly Family (hair entwined)
    The What a Feeling Girls (mother and daughter)

    and really that's just for starters!

  6. Top 5
    1.Freaky granny with her head in an inappropriate place.
    2.Jaer Ray
    3. Maddy Genets
    4. Hawaii Five Vulcan guy
    5. Couple with a parrot and a gun

  7. I picked John Kincade as well, "Love her like a lover"- what the!!!! eeewww!


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