Saturday, May 28, 2011

Chokito Chocolate Bar

  What better way to combine my 2 fave things, Retro and Chocolate for my first post: The Chokito bar is back baby!
The good people at Nestle saw something in this old 70's fave and decided to relaunch the Chokito in 2010. Slightly altered packaging, a new logo and a new and improved recipe (Gone is the compound chocolate used in the 70's bar). Chokitos have a glorious caramel fudge filling, surrounded by rice crispies, smothered in creamy milk chocolate - heaven! So, while I generally agree that the original is always best, in this case, Nestle have outdone themselves improving on a 70's classic. Mmmmmm, Chokito. Grab one today!


  1. This looks just like the candy bar called 100 Grand (in the US). It was never pulled though. They have been around at least 35 years. I have never heard of Chokito.

    1. Hello anonymous! You found my first ever blog post. Chokito's are the best. Have you heard of Picnic Bars? They r like Chokito's but with peanuts as well. Soooo good!!! I have also recently discovered Peanut Butter M & M's which were brought back for me from a friend who visited America. Dangerously good.


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