Saturday, June 18, 2011

Crochet Pot Holders

These colourful treasures from vintage days past, have crocheted their way back into our homes & kitchens in recent years. Fantastic for adding colour, and a great vintage vibe to cosy up any room or kitchen. A big thank you to all the fabulous makers of the gorgeous pot holders pictured here, who so kindly allowed me to show off their beautiful wares. Enjoy!

Above 2 pics, Flickr-Loving the Vintage

Pot Holders - For Kitchen Pick Me Ups! 1952

Above 2 pics

Above 4 pics, Flickr-Rabbit & The Duck

Above 2 pics


  1. Thanks Donna for adding me to our very lovely post...
    I love your blog...especially the "flat roof" beach houses post....they are so gorgeous...

    will be sure to pop over again...

  2. Ohhhhhhh I just love some of these photographs! Thank you for including some of my Mum's pot holders : ) She will be thrilled : )

  3. You are both very welcome! Glad you got to pop by and take a look, and hope you pop back again soon. Keep up your beautiful craft and photography. xx

  4. Just browsing the blog, love the pot holders so pretty!


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