Thursday, July 7, 2011

Kitchen Cannisters

I have a real thing for Retro Kitchen Cannisters and tins at the moment. Colourful, useful tins of character brightening up kitchen benches & shelves.
I have MANY cups of coffee and tea throughout the day. It's like a little holiday within my day, stopping for that 5mins or so with a few biccies!! (sad yes, but true).
So, with how many times a day I frequent these tins in mind, I think it's time to be abit more creative with my current cannister situation. Time to get some new (but old!) ones to inject some fun and colour onto my kitchen bench.

I have found many a glorious cannister thus far whilst searching for inspiration, and even added a few in that my wonderful friends possess.
From the cool & colourful to the weird and wonderful...

My friend Emma's cannisters.
And how awesome are those vintage scales?!

My friend Terri's bright and cheery cannisters. 
Obtained in a straight swap between stallholders at a market - 
the cannisters for a skateboard! Score!!
PLUS she has these too cute spice cannisters as well! (pic below)
Cannister envy....

Above 2 pics Bella Dia

Above 2 pics Raining Rita

Same gorgeous cannisters on a kitchen shelf.

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