Sunday, July 17, 2011

Milk Bar

The Milk Bar, as it is known as in my part of the world, is the local shop, or corner store where you can buy your milk, bread, ice creams and newspapers.

When visiting friends in Queensland a few years back, I asked where I could find the nearest milk bar to go grab some ice creams to which our host Keno replied...

"The Milk Bar?! What is this, 1955?"

This got me thinking - is the term Milk Bar just a Melbourne thing?
(I have since found out that no, parts of Sydney and NSW, and perhaps other corners of Australia, also wander down to their local Milk Bar for the milk & a newspaper on a Sunday morning.)

Although there are fewer Milk Bars today than there once were, most people still have a milk bar within walking distance or a short drive from their home.
Yes it's an old retro term for the corner shop or store, but I LIKE it!!
It's a little bit of our early to mid century history that should be embraced.

So, this ones for Keno - A salute to the Milk Bar.  
Some great photos of vintage Milk Bar signs (sadly, the sign is all thats left from some old stores), to some current Milk Bars still happily thriving in suburbia today.

A big thank you to all the Flickr folk who thought the old Milk Bar shop or sign was worthy of a photo, and for allowing me to share them here.

And if you fancy leaving a comment - what is the 'Milk Bar' called in your corner of the world?

The Milk Bar round the corner from my folks where I grew up - still alive and kicking. Full bag of mixed lollies for $1. Ahhh, those were the days. 

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