Saturday, July 23, 2011

the Retro House, an Argus 75 Viewfinder Camera & eBay

I came across this fantastic Retro House on Flickr by Jon of Boomerang Thang
The house alone is worthy of a post in my eyes, but it's the story accompanying the photo that equally caught my attention. If you are an eBay hunter and gatherer such as myself, I'm sure you will enjoy.

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The Boomerang 1962

This is a shot of my house taken through an Argus 75 Viewfinder Camera with my digital camera. In my mind, this is what my casa looked like back in '62 when it was built.

UPDATE-These shots have some extra meaning for me now. Below is an email I received from the seller of the Argus 75 I purchased off ebay. It should make you think twice if you think ebay sellers are just there to make a buck. It also is an example of why I love vintage collectibles so much. There is a rich history and story behind every item-a story which typically goes untold. But, in this case, the story of Helen's father's camera begins a new chapter:
Thanks so much for the very nice feedback!! I tried, in the
very limited space, to return the favor.
At first, I was kind of disappointed the camera didn't
sell for more. It really was my father's and I guess I
had way too much sentimental value going on. But you've
been so very nice, I think my dad would be happy.
I hope it really still works. He (I) would be glad to know
it isn't just wasting away somewhere.
Thanks again for a wonderful eBay experience. People like
you make me remember that it is a fun thing to do.


Pretty great isn't it?
Jon has since sent Helen a link to the above photos and she was very pleased to see her father's camera revived and being put to good use...: )

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